Benefits of rebounding for type 2 diabetes

The solution: regulate your insulin level

Type 2 diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease in the UK. Although the exact cause of the condition characterised by high blood sugar levels is still unknown, genetic factors, weight issues and physical inactivity have been shown to contribute to its onset and progression.

Did you know that rebounding exercise is very healthy when you have type 2 diabetes?

  • A type of exercise that does not overload the joints, such as bouncing on the bellicon® rebounder is ideal
  • Moving helps to lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure and reduces complications
  • bellicon® users with diabetes report that their blood sugar levels drop and blood pressure stabilises

If you have diabetes, it is difficult to train regularly. For example, jogging with obesity quickly leads to pain in the knees. It is therefore more sensible to find an activity that is fun, which also causes little stress on the joints.

A bellicon® workout provides the kind of aerobic exercise that helps to prevent diabetes and reduce its symptoms. Whether you’re a diabetic who takes insulin or not, bouncing on a mini trampoline assists in regulating your levels of the hormone by lowering blood sugar and increasing your cells’ ability to absorb glucose – both during and after your routine. In fact, this effect lasts for up to 24 hours. A fun daily workout on the bellicon® is the natural way to keep your blood sugar in check.

What customers say


'Awesome also for overweight users'

'My bellicon rebounder is AWESOME! I am 58 years old and was looking for something to help me exercise that would be easy for me to adjust too, since I was not a regular exerciser. I wanted something easy on the joints, and to help my balance as well. 

I sit all day in my job, and was noticing my feet swelling up by the end of the day. I found my bellicon super easy to use, no stress on my joints, -- and the swelling in my feet disappeared in the first week! WOW! And since I am overweight, I did not trust those little and cheap rebounders. I feel very, very safe when I am on the bellicon. 

Gentle exercises


When you suffer from diabetes, exercise is often difficult. Especially if you've been out of it for a while. Gently bouncing on the bellicon® can be done by anyone, no matter your level of fitness. Just bounce softly and let the mat do the rest. Take inspiration from the video above to exercise gently and slowly build up your condition.

What customers say


'My values have improved'

'Before I got on the bellicon® I was worried whether I could stay on it and keep my balance. My results are very positive! I have more balance, fewer pain and a better diabetes value. Jumping makes you more energetic and cheerful. That's why I would recommend the bellicon to everyone.'

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An estimated 3.2 million people in the UK have diabetes – that’s about six percent of the population. Most of them have Type 2 diabetes – what used to be known as adult-onset diabetes. Which makes it all the more alarming that increasing numbers of children and young adults are getting the disease.

Just how widespread diabetes is becomes apparent when you take into account that these figures don’t include the millions whose diabetes is undiagnosed or classed as pre-diabetes – when your blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be categorised as Type 2 diabetes.

But diabetes is not all doom and gloom. There’s a lot you can do to prevent the disease and control its symptoms. A study by the Mayo Clinic showed that people who shed a few kilos – about seven percent of their initial weight – and exercised regularly reduced their risk of developing diabetes by almost 60 percent. Which just goes to show how big a difference exercise and a healthy diet can make to your well-being, vitality and quality of life.

Diabetes in England: Percentage of GP patients aged 17+ with diabetes 2012-13

Diabetes in the UK

Source: NHS England, Quality and Outcomes Framework,  2012-13

soft exercise with diabetes on the bellicon®

rebounding exercises for diabetics

As a diabetic, you need to take a measured approach – and not just to your diet. If you exercise too vigorously, the body interprets this as stress and elevates blood sugar levels to provide fuel for the muscles. Not a situation you want. By sticking to moderate-intensity, low-impact bellicon® workouts, you’re getting the safest, most beneficial type of cardiovascular exercise for your condition.

High-impact workouts also place diabetics at risk of vascular damage to their eyes (retinopathy) and nerve damage to their feet (peripheral neuropathy). So gently does. Softly bounce on the bellicon® mini trampoline and you’ll stay fit and injury-free.

Of course, the health benefits of rebounding for diabetics don’t end there. You’ll also be lowering your chances of heart disease and stroke, burning calories to control your weight, improving balance, boosting energy levels and sleeping better. The bellicon® may also be the world’s best exercise for preventing or halting the progression of osteoporosis, another diabetes-related condition.

important: consult your doctor

It’s always best to ask your doctor before starting a new exercise programme. Considering that the treatment and side effects of diabetes can vary greatly from person to person, this is especially good advice if you’ve been diagnosed with the condition.

If you’re a diabetic bellicon® enthusiast, remember to monitor your blood sugar levels before, during and after exercise to ensure they remain stable.

How to exercise with diabetes
'My sugar level is more stable. I am less tired and have more energy. I also use less paracetamol and I have less pain.'
Irene, satisfied customer
The bellicon® mini trampoline explained in 2 minutes

new: bellicon payment plan!

Pay in convenient, interest free monthly instalments

Fulfill your wish for a bellicon® mini trampoline immediately and pay conveniently in monthly instalments. In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB we now offer customers in the UK and Northern Ireland the option to pay in 3x instalments in our online shop.

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the benefits of the BELLICON® rebounder

Regular training on the bellicon® mini trampoline has numerous positive effects on your entire body. Bouncing on this device not only effectively strengthens the cardiovascular system and all muscles, but also activates the metabolism of each cell. The moderate movement on the bellicon® also promotes the body's self-healing functions. This in turn has positive effects on some of our societal diseases.

Jump up to a new level of fitness. Order your bellicon® today!