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  • Moderate training – endurance training without overstraining yourself

  • Stimulate your lymphatic system – detoxification through increased lymph circulation

  • Get your cardiovascular system going – increase your metabolism through short regular training sessions

  • Cell training – the bellicon effect strengthens every cell in the body and supplies it with new nutrients

stronger immune system with the bellicon®
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The balance between exercise, nutrition and mind

In order to strengthen the immune system, it is important that there is a balance between enough exercise, a healthy diet and mental health. The bellicon® mini trampoline is absolutely meant for aerobic training, i.e., for exercises that are particularly effective in strengthening the immune system without overburdening the body. Dosed training on the bellicon® increases breathing and heart rate, but does not make you short of breath. This is why moderate training several times a week that is gentle on the joints is the key to success in order to strengthen the immune system through healthy exercise.

Moderate endurance training for a strong immune system

Moderate endurance training for a strong immune system

Regular exercise on the bellicon® mini trampoline stimulates the cardiovascular system, metabolism, the lymphatic system and the production of important immune cells and messenger substances. An active lymphatic system is important as it is an essential part of the immune system. Psychological tension and stress should not be underestimated, as these really weaken the immune system. Thanks to harmonious bouncing, which is very pleasant, the bellicon® can get rid of everyday stress easily by means of short training sessions. Convince yourself: if you want to do something for your health and strengthen the detoxification, cleaning and healing powers of your body (and have fun at the same time), then moderate training on the bellicon® is the right thing for you.

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Moderate endurance training for a strong immune system

In order to feel well supported right from the start of your training, we will bring your trainer home to you. Through our bellicon Home online training platform, we offer you a variety of different training sessions from moderate to very intensive. Start building up your immune system with bellicon® today.

Bouncing on the bellicon® trampoline is supposed to be fun and, above all, it's good for your body. Regular training has an effect on the immune system. We recommend:

  • 15-20 minutes a day.

  • For low-impact training, always keep your feet on the mat.

  • Add training to your daily rhythm – like brushing your teeth every day.

6 tips for a stronger immune system

A balanced diet for a stronger immune system

A balanced diet

  • See to a balanced and varied diet. See that you take in all nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that you need. Minerals and vitamins can be taken in abundance because they are important micronutrients that are essential for the immune system.

  • Before exercising on your bellicon®, we recommend that you eat something light and easily digestible.

Sunshine for a stronger immune system

Soak up some sun

  • Take your bellicon® out into the fresh air and enjoy the sun. This lifts your mood and you can recharge your batteries.

  • By absorbing the sun's rays, the body produces vitamin D, which is important for the immune system.

Moderate exercise for a stronger immune system

Doing moderate exercise

  • For beginners: you should keep exercising at a moderate level at the beginning so as not to overburden yourself. Tip: if you can still speak without gasping for breath during training and are sweating easily, you are doing everything right.

  • For advanced and fit people: if you are already used to physical training, you can also step on the gas in between, which will bring you to maximum performance effectively and swiftly.

Reduce stress for a stronger immune system

Reduce stress

  • To get rid of everyday stress or psychological stress, breathing techniques, meditation or yoga on your mini trampoline are very good options.

  • Harmonious bouncing on the bellicon® offers you a new kind of relaxation. You can literally shake off stress; blockages and tension will go, and you can take a deep breath.

Activate the lymph on the trampoline

Activate the lymph

  • An active lymphatic system is essential for a healthy immune system. Muscle activity encourages the lymphatic flow, which is why plenty of exercise is important to stimulate the lymph and strengthen drainage.

Drink a lot for a stronger immune system

Drink a lot

  • It is important that you take in enough liquid. Because sufficient liquid stimulates the drainage system and the ability of the cells to transport material.

  • Drink approx. 3 - 5l of water around 30 minutes before your bellicon training and don't forget to drink after your training session!


The fine bellicon for your daily exercise

In order to sustainably build up your immune system and get fit, we recommend our bellicon® Premium with 112 cm. This fine trampoline invites you to get your circulation going every day. If possible, choose screw-in-legs and give your new bellicon® a fixed place in your home, so you can easily enjoy a fair amount of exercise during the day. Due to the processed stainless steel, the frame is also antiseptic.

bellicon® Premium


The immune system and its defence mechanism

Our body is constantly attacked by bacteria, viruses and germs from the outside. The immune system is a vital defence mechanism that protects the body from pathogenic variants.

If a harmful substance penetrates the barriers protecting the body (skin, mucous membranes, nasal hair), an immune reaction is triggered. So-called phagocytes are sent via messenger substances to the right place in the body, where they envelope the pollutant and slowly break it down. This reaction is also called unspecific defence, since the harmful substance is not analysed beforehand.

In addition, the human body has a unique immune system in which white blood cells play an important role. These blood cells recognise the pathogen and form suitable antibodies so that the immune reaction can take place faster and more effectively. This process is slower than the unspecific immune reaction because it has to be learnt first. Immunological memory is created so that a rapid defensive reaction can take place in the event of a renewed infection due to the same pathogen.

Important parts of the immune system are:

  • Skin and mucous membranes – place where the first defensive reaction takes place

  • Lymphatic system – through which immune cells are transported

  • Spleen – storage of immune cells

  • Bone marrow – important function for the formation of immune cells

  • Thymus – maturation of the immune cells

The immune system and its defence mechanism

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'The pumping effect of the muscles accelerates the lymph circulation, which is also responsible for protecting our immune system.'

Andreas Sperber, physiotherapy chief
The bellicon® mini trampoline explained in 2 minutes

new: bellicon payment plan!

Pay in convenient, interest free monthly instalments

Fulfill your wish for a bellicon® mini trampoline immediately and pay conveniently in monthly instalments. In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB we now offer customers in the UK and Northern Ireland the option to pay in 3x instalments in our online shop.

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