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Osteoporosis: Strengthen bones with the trampoline


  • Strong bones  maximum successful training and strong bones thanks to the trampoline effect

  • Easy to use – easy training for all age groups with immediate noticeable results

  • Safe training – optional side handles provide more control and security when training

  • Gain self-confidence – fall prevention, as well as coordination and balance training, give you more self-confidence in everyday life

  • Tremendous fun factor –  just 10 minutes of training a day allows you to achieve your initial achievements and, in doing so, you can rediscover the fun and enjoyment of sports

Strengthen bones with the trampoline


Prevent bone loss with the bellicon® trampoline

Those who rest, get rusty – bones work best under pressure. Sports such as jogging or strength training are good forms of exercise to counteract bone loss, but due to back, knee or hip pain when running, they can often no longer be done.

Even if the bone system is the most rigid structure in the human body, it is sensitive to shock and traumas. Bouncing on the bellicon® mini trampoline, which goes gentle on the joints, gives the body a gentle impulse that stimulates bone metabolism and strengthens the bones  osteoporosis prevention through trampoline training.

prevent osteoporosis with the trampoline

Efficient training to counteract osteoporosis can be done in your own home. Regular exercise on the bellicon® is perfect fall prevention training, as your sense of balance and coordination are trained. In this way, falls and injuries are prevented. The following applies to training: it's better keeping it short and frequent than long and infrequent. Find joy in movement again with the bellicon®. Add training sessions to your everyday routine for quick results: activate your metabolism in the morning and bounce away everyday stress in the evening. Do you need more security and stability when starting training? bellicon® offers optional handles that can support you during the exercises.

Configure your trampoline


The key to success – healthy exercise for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a metabolic disease of the bones in which bone density decreases. It often affects postmenopausal women because their body's hormonal balance changes. A low level of oestrogen means that more bone tissue is broken down, and the bones are no longer able to regenerate. The bones become more unstable and fractures can happen much more easily. Osteoporosis can be diagnosed by measuring bone density.

Osteoporosis: healthy bone

Healthy Bone

Bone with osteoporosis

Bone with osteoporosis

Due to degenerative changes in the spine, wedge-shaped vertebrae form and posture worsens.

Many osteoporosis patients start developing a great fear of falling as the disease progresses, since the risk of bone fractures increases due to lower bone density. This can lead to increasing insecurity in everyday life and one's daily routine changes counterproductively to inactivity, fear and caution.

What the body needs to counteract osteoporosis is regular healthy exercise to strengthen the bones, for posture training and fall prevention. This increases self-confidence and the feeling of being secure in everyday life.

Osteoporosis: Change in posture

Osteoporosis: change in posture


Customer testimonial osteoporosis bellicon®

Isabelle Stadel

"I've been training with my bellicon for about a year now, and it has helped me a lot in building up bone mass again. This has been proven by various measurements. I can only recommend it to everyone and hope they have as much fun with it as I do. […]“  

Dr Maarten Klatte expert testimonial bellicon®

Dr Maarten Klatte
Doctor of nutritional medicine

"The effect of the bellicon® on osteoporosis is extremely positive. One way to prevent osteoporosis is to put more stress on your bones. For a good bone structure and for activating the bone cells – osteocytes and osteoclasts –, load has to be put on the bones. But what kind of load should this be? You should definitely not overburden your bones and the elasticity of this trampoline does without such overburdening. […]“


bellicon@ with side handles

What does optimal training for strong bones look like?

Strong bones are not a product of chance, because they can be improved through targeted training. When exercising on the highly elastic bellicon®, up to four times the force of gravity can be acting on the entire body. The effects of such force promote the renewal and strengthening processes of the bones. A NASA study showed how they prescribed the astronauts trampoline training to compensate for the negative consequences of long-term weightlessness in space and the positive results that it showed.

How can jumping on a trampoline keep you from falling?

About 28 - 35% of people over the age of 65 fall at least once a year and need medical attention afterwards. Jumping on a trampoline can lower one's fear of falling and improve mobility and gait performance for those affected. This was the result of a 12-week study on osteoporosis patients. With a mixture of balance, strength and jumping exercises, the test subjects trained together with an expert team of trainers for 12 weeks. The results were astounding.




  • There are no exercises with direct contact to teammates with bellicon. You train alone or in a team at your own pace and absolute security.

  • The height-adjustable T-bar or the side handles on the bellicon® support you when exercising and give you a feeling of security and control.

  • For a good and safe feeling when training, we support you with the necessary instructions for starting. This includes a training poster and our diverse exercise videos on our bellicon Home online training platform with various difficulty levels – from beginners to bellicon professionals.

  • Build up your training step by step. At the beginning, always keep both feet in contact with the mat, then slowly increase the duration, intensity and difficulty of the exercise to avoid falling.

Osteoporosis: Comprehensive training

Comprehensive training

  • An effective osteoporosis training should always be aimed at the whole body system simultaneously.

  • The soft bungee suspension of the bellicon® allows you to improve muscle strength and endurance as well as your sense of balance and coordination – an eminently important component of fall prevention training.

  • Put pressure on your bones several times a day. Even short sessions restart bone metabolism.

  • Posture is the be-all and end-all for health-promoting training so that your joints and bones are optimally loaded. Tip: take a look in the mirror while training to check your starting position and posture!

Osteoporosis: pressure and tension

Pressure and tension

  • For osteoporosis prophylaxis, the skeleton must be subjected to regular pressure and tensile loads in order to remain stable.

  • Due to even bouncing on the bellicon®, you experience a lot of pressure on your bones, while avoiding negative effects, and your joints will only be minimally stressed.

Osteoporosis: Fun and motivation

Fun and motivation

  • Training on the bellicon® releases happiness hormones! Experience the feeling of lightness and fun in movement.

  • You will notice initial progress in your training as early as the first few weeks.

  • You will feel more secure in everyday life after a short time.


These exercises will strengthen your bones – our recommendation

Daily training with shorter sessions is very effective. Exercise to prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis. With our bellicon Home online training platform, we take you by the hand – benefit from our workouts.

  • Train at your own pace and do exactly those exercises that are fun and good for you.

  • A team of expert trainers will motivate you every day with a continuously growing range of different levels of difficulty and training.


Strengthen bones with your ideal bellicon®

If you have a permanent spot for your bellicon® at home, it will be easier for you to add daily training to your everyday routine. In general, we recommend a bellicon® with a diameter of 100 cm and screw-in-legs for an optimal start to training. Do you want more security? For osteoporosis or osteopenia, we recommend the following:

bellicon® with handles
  • Side handles support you during training and ensure optimal fall prevention. The following applies: the smaller the diameter of your bellicon®, the closer the handles are to your body.

  • Choose stronger bungees because:

    • The tighter the bungees, the more stable the jumping mat and the more secure your training will be (less "wobbly").

    • The tighter the bungees, the higher the effective pressure on the bones.

Insightful research 

Dr. Schultz Osteoporosis study

A general practitioner centre in Germany conducted research into the preventive measures to stay healthy. What turned out to be the case? For people who are sensitive to osteoporosis, bouncing on the bellicon® mini trampoline can have a positive effect. The influence on bone density is clearly visible. And thus on the consequences of osteoporosis.

There was another striking result: those who are bouncing regularly also improve their sense of balance. In combination with firmer bones, that is the recipe for to prevent yourself from falling easily.

Read more

Rebounding fights osteoporosis

TV item on NDR (with English subtitles)

In this TV news item, Dr. Joachim Shultz tells about the study he performs with osteoporosis patients and rebuilding their bone density on the bellicon®. This news item originally aired on the German TV network NDR, and is subtitled in English.

See the full video

What customers say


'My physiotherapist did not expect this!'

'After 8.5 months of light training on the bellicon trampoline, the BMD (bone mineral density), not only remained stable, which I would already be happy with, it increased. Both in my spine and hip. I started with 1x 10 min., then 15 and 20 min. Of course next to my other activities.  The metabolism is also very important. It is a very good tool for people with discipline and perseverance. I will continue along the chosen path and have let all my practitioners know. Incidentally, my physiotherapist was astonished, he had not expected this, so praise from all sides. My osteoporosis is now back to osteopenia.'

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'A study with osteoporosis patients has shown that bouncing on the bellicon® mini trampoline stops bone reduction.'

Dr. Joachim Schulz, osteoporosis-specialist
The bellicon® mini trampoline explained in 2 minutes

new: bellicon payment plan!

Pay in convenient, interest free monthly instalments

Fulfill your wish for a bellicon® mini trampoline immediately and pay conveniently in monthly instalments. In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB we now offer customers in the UK and Northern Ireland the option to pay in 3x instalments in our online shop.

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