Whether we like it or not, bones slowly deteriorate after our 35th year. Fortunately, we don't notice anything of this. Until we make an unfortunate fall and a bone says 'crack'. Osteoporosis is the process of bone deterioration. And the bellicon® rebounder is the remedy for doing something about it!

It sounds crazy, even to scientists; strengthening your bones by jumping up and down. Yet studies have shown time and again that rebounding has a great effect. Not only with osteoporosis, the breakdown of bones, but also with osteopenia: if someone has too little bone mass.

These are the wonderful effects of a study
Joachim Schulz is a German doctor who has studied the effects of training on a bellicon® mini trampoline. His research focused on people with osteoporosis. The results were very striking:

  • By bouncing on the soft trampoline, the bone deterioration stopped.
  • The bone density also remained stable when using the bellicon®.
  • This in turn prevents the risk of bone fracture, giving people the confidence to go outside again.
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Insightful research 

Dr. Schultz Osteoporosis study

A general practitioner centre in Germany conducted research into the preventive measures to stay healthy. What turned out to be the case? For people who are sensitive to osteoporosis, bouncing on the bellicon® mini trampoline can have a positive effect. The influence on bone density is clearly visible. And thus on the consequences of osteoporosis.

There was another striking result: those who are bouncing regularly also improve their sense of balance. In combination with firmer bones, that is the recipe for to prevent yourself from falling easily.

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Rebounding fights osteoporosis

TV item on NDR (with English subtitles)

In this TV news item, Dr. Joachim Shultz tells about the study he performs with osteoporosis patients and rebuilding their bone density on the bellicon®. This news item originally aired on the German TV network NDR, and is subtitled in English.

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What customers say


'My physiotherapist did not expect this!'

'After 8.5 months of light training on the bellicon trampoline, the BMD (bone mineral density), not only remained stable, which I would already be happy with, it increased. Both in my spine and hip. I started with 1x 10 min., then 15 and 20 min. Of course next to my other activities.  The metabolism is also very important. It is a very good tool for people with discipline and perseverance. I will continue along the chosen path and have let all my practitioners know. Incidentally, my physiotherapist was astonished, he had not expected this, so praise from all sides. My osteoporosis is now back to osteopenia.'

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Astronauts experience weightlessness in space. This speeds up bone breakdown. It is with good reason that NASA advises astronauts to train on the trampoline to grow stronger bones! Our bones need strength and tension to stay strong. Jumping on the bellicon® means that gravity presses your entire body up to four times into the surface of the mat. Precisely the force needed to keep the bones healthy.

You also have the same force of gravity when running and jogging. With one major disadvantage: the shock load on muscles, tendons and joints. Not with the bellicon® mini trampoline. The soft elastic bungees effectively absorb the shock. Joints do not suffer at all. And you also avoid unnecessary pressure on your back and neck muscles.

Healthy and dense bones

Healthy bones

Deteriorated bone density


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Bones need pressure to stay firm. This way the bone density remains intact or can even improve. Bouncing on the bellicon® rebounder is a natural way to strengthen your bones. You will notice that the mat with the patented elastic bungees bounces very pleasantly and softly. This gives you the necessary pressure on the bones, without overloading your joints.

If you do the exercises on the bellicon® properly, there is just enough pressure to stimulate the production of new bone cells. New cells that replace the old ones absorb calcium. As a result, your bones strengthen. That's why jumping on the bellicon® is good for your bones and joints.

Pick the right bungee strength

With the bellicon® mini trampoline you can choose from different bungee strengths. What strength do you need? This depends on your weight and your training intensity. With osteoporosis and osteopenia you need a firm strength for intensive pressure on the bones. Therefore, choose the bungee strength in the category 'Intensive training'.

Free training poster and DVDs

You do not have to invent the exercises yourself. When you purchase your bellicon® mini trampoline you will receive a free poster with clear exercises and two DVDs with training videos. Clear illustrations on the poster show you how to move well. This way you can compose your own 15-minute training. More exercises can be found on the DVDs. You will also find the necessary inspiration on our YouTube channel.

Exercise on the bellicon® for better bone density


Increase bone density with bellicon®

Better train often and short than long and rarely

Training has the most effect if you do it often and briefly. That is better than one long training that you rarely do. It is important to consult your doctor or therapist before bouncing. They can tell you exactly what to look out for.


  • Try to integrate the training moments in your daily routine
  • Try training 30 minutes per day, spread over several shorter moments
  • Choose times you can adhere to for a longer period of time

An example of a daily schedule:

Morning: use the first 10 minutes of the day for your first jumps. This is not only good for your bones but also for your metabolism!

During the day: at home, after shopping or after work, you will start working out again for 10 minutes. Also great as moment of relaxation!

In the evening: start the evening with a short workout of another 10 minutes. You will notice that you will be fit for the rest of the evening.

'A study with osteoporosis patients has shown that bouncing on the bellicon® mini trampoline stops bone reduction.'

Dr. Joachim Schulz, osteoporosis-specialist
The bellicon® mini trampoline explained in 2 minutes

new: bellicon payment plan!

Pay in convenient, interest free monthly instalments

Fulfill your wish for a bellicon® mini trampoline immediately and pay conveniently in monthly instalments. In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB we now offer customers in the UK and Northern Ireland the option to pay in 3x instalments in our online shop.

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the benefits of the BELLICON® rebounder

Regular training on the bellicon® mini trampoline has numerous positive effects on your entire body. Bouncing on this device not only effectively strengthens the cardiovascular system and all muscles, but also activates the metabolism of each cell. The moderate movement on the bellicon® also promotes the body's self-healing functions. This in turn has positive effects on some of our societal diseases.

Jump up to a new level of fitness. Order your bellicon® today!