Health Benefits of Rebounding 

Rebounding is a low-impact exercise performed on the elasticated surface of a rebounder, which is sometimes also referred to as a ‘mini-trampoline’ or “small trampoline”.  

The bellicon® can benefit your health in many ways. Discover how rebounding can help you by clicking on each section below: 

Regular training on the bellicon® mini trampoline has numerous positive effects on your entire body. Bouncing on the device not only effectively strengthens the cardiovascular system and all muscle groups but it also activates the metabolism. The moderate movement created by the bellicon® also promotes the body's self-healing functions, which in turn has positive effects on some common societal diseases.  


Benefits of rebounding for osteoporosis  

Osteoporosis is the process of bone deterioration. Whilst some loss of bone density is normal as we age, sufferers of osteoporosis experience the process at a much faster rate. Research has proven that low-impact rebounding on a bellicon® slows or, in some cases, even stops deterioration and reduces the risk of breaks and fractures.  Read more 


Benefits of rebounding for weight loss  

Exercising on a rebounder has been proven to be 50% more effective at burning fat than running. Rebounding is a fun way to burn calories, which can contribute to weight loss, that is accessible to people of all ages and abilities.  Read more  


Benefits of rebounding for seniors  

As an exercise that is easy on the joints, rebounding on a bellicon® mini trampoline is an effective way for older people to remain active and to combat some of the effects of aging, including loss of balance and coordination, bone deterioration and osteoarthritis.  Read more  


Rebounding for weight control  

Rebounding promotes healthy, sustainable weight loss by stimulating the metabolism for up to 24 hours, which encourages effective long-term weight control. Mini trampoline exercises also work over 650 muscles in the body, promoting healthy weight gain too. The fully customisable bellicon® models are joint friendly, can support up to 200kg of weight, allowing you to get the most out of your training with continuous results.  Read more 


Rebounding for pelvic floor

By performing a particular set of exercises on the bellicon® rebounder, you can strengthen the muscles surrounding the pelvic floor, alleviating the symptoms of those who suffer from related issues. Bellicon® mini trampolines can be used by new mothers to combat some of the effects of pregnancy on the pelvic floor. Read more  


Rebounding for back pain  

Rebounding allows sufferers of back pain to keep moving, stimulate muscles, lubricate the intervertebral discs and reduce stress in a fun, easy to use and accessible way. The elastic bungees of bellicon® rebounders prevent overloading and further damage while allowing you to improve your balance and posture. Our rebounders are certified back-friendly and the only fitness device of any kind to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.   Read more 


Benefits of rebounding on the immune system  

Rebounding gives your immune system the boost it needs to effectively fight disease and illness by reducing stress, raising your metabolism and enhancing the body’s cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation. This allows for a better flow of lymphocytes and antibodies which rids the body of any bacteria or invaders.  Read more  

general note:

While most people experience great benefits for their health and wellbeing, we advise you to consult your doctor if you may have any underlying weaknesses or health issues. Above all, start slowly and increase the intensity and frequency of your rebounder exercise routines gradually. If you experience any symptoms of pain or discomfort you should stop immediately and consult your doctor.

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