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Losing weight effectively with the trampoline


  • Desired weight – the easiest and most comfortable way to finally lose weight through targeted training

  • Gentle on the joints – with effective full-body training, without additional pain or stress

  • Fun losing weight – losing weight on the bellicon® is pure joy and fitness with a fun factor

  • Suitable for everyday use – just 10 minutes a day will increase your fitness level and help you burn calories faster

  • Individual training plan – train alone or together – at your own pace and according to your taste on our bellicon Home online training platform

lose weight with the mini trampoline

Lose weight with fun

Do you want to burn fat and are you looking for workouts that motivate you?

With the bellicon®, you will find an easy way to get more exercise. Easily start your training sessions at home. Even short exercises stimulate your metabolism and improve endurance. At the beginning, simply bouncing or walking on the spot is sufficient.

Exercising on the trampoline is easy, fun, and burns calories. Due to the change in gravity on the bellicon®, all muscles alternate in tensing and relaxing. Trampoline jumping is, therefore, a very effective cardio exercise that affects the whole body. In combination with a balanced diet, regular trampoline training soon leads to progress.

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Are you looking for a comprehensive home workout, one that is effective and fun?

Then we can help you! Keeping going is the name of the game! Let our trained team of trainers assist and motivate you from home to lose weight with success and a lot of fun. On our bellicon Home online training platform, you will find a wide range of ideas for exercising from certified trainers and physiotherapists for all fitness levels.

Things to pay attention to while training:

  • Increase your training intensity slowly and step by step

  • Try to exercise at least 3 times a week

  • Stimulate your metabolism with short training in the morning

  • Drink enough water before and after your training

  • End your training with a short cool down phase so that your body's circulation can get back to normal


Customer Testimonial weight control bellicon®

Monika Hagedorn

"At the age of 55, I wanted to feel fit again and have no pain. Today, after two and a half months, I have lost 8 kilos, I have no more pain in my heels, back or neck. I feel like I'm floating when I'm walking. ..."

Andreas Sperber expert testimonial bellicon®

Andreas Sperber
Senior Physiotherapist

"With a moderate load on the bellicon®, fat is optimally burned and although the training does not appear very strenuous, subjectively, it offers highly effective cardiovascular training. ..."


bellicon® Classic

How strong is the intensity of training for trampoline exercises?

A study by the University of Basel studied various exercises you can do on the bellicon® mini trampoline. The results of the study show that a mini trampoline can be used effectively for a wide range of different intensities of training, making it ideal for people of all fitness levels. It is effective, safe and the intensity can be adjusted individually.

Is trampoline jumping more effective than running?

A study in the International Journal of Sports Science compared training on a mini trampoline with normal running training. The results clearly showed that the study participants lost more body fat from trampoline training than from running. Other advantages have also been confirmed when training with the mini trampoline.


Lose weight healthily with the right mini trampoline

bellicon® Plus
  • More security and balance: The T-bar provides security when starting your training or can be used by advanced users for jumping exercises

  • Choose a harder covering: stronger bungees generate faster bouncing and do not allow you to sink too deeply into the jumping mat

  • Conquer your weaker self:   a bellicon® with screw-in-legs is less easy to stow away and reminds you regularly of your training session. Hang in there and have fun!

rebounding for weight loss

Do you really want to get rid of those excess pounds? Preferably in a healthy way? Bouncing on the bellicon® rebounder is ideal for it. It's even twice as effective for losing weight and improving your fitness than running. This is proven by a study in the International Journal of Sports.

Science behind the bellicon

The science behind the bellicon® rebounder

How to use a rebounder for weight loss;

  • To get results and lose weight responsibly is always a combination of exercise and healthier eating.

  • Intensive exercise is not suitable for everyone. But you can always bounce on the bellicon® mini trampoline. The shock load of running, for example, is not there.

  • Thirty minutes of bouncing is recommended if you seriously want to lose weight.

  • The bellicon® makes moving fun, so you stick with it and prevent the yo-yo effect of many diets. In the comfort of your home.

The fun factor is a major benefit of the bellicon®.  Once you stand on it, you don't want to get off. This makes you move more often and stick to it. And that's a good thing, because not intensity, but continuity is the key to success in the fight against being overweight. 


It's better to lose weight gradually 

Here’s what the Center for Disease Control has to say:

“It's natural for anyone trying to lose weight to want to lose it quickly, but evidence shows that people who lose weight gradually and steadily (about 1 to 2 pounds per week) are more successful at keeping weight off. Healthy weight loss isn't just about a "diet" or "program,” it’s about an ongoing lifestyle that includes long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits.”

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Training inspiration

Shred and burn workout with Jeremy

Shred and burn workout with Jeremy

bellicon Home trainer Jeremy knows how to take full advantage of a bellicon workout.

Are you ready to sweat and burn some calories? Here's a sneak peek to the wonderful workouts you can find on the bellicon home platform.

What customers say


Losing weight is easier and I feel more energetic

"I have been struggling with the costs for a long time. Compared to the steel spring mini trampoline I used so far, it is a huge improvement. I use bellicon with great pleasure. I can move in a more pleasant way without negatively impacting my knees. I also burn a lot more calories. Losing weight is therefore easier and I feel more energetic. This means I don't go to the gym anymore, which in turn saves time and money. I have already advised a number of friends and my sister to buy a bellicon. And also a colleague who is too heavy to exercise because of the strain on the joints. I keep a close eye on my progress and am always looking for new trainings on the bellicon."

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'Even with the moderate movement on the bellicon® you effectively burn fat. It may not seem intense, but trampolining is really a very effective training for heart and blood vessels.'

Andreas Sperber, Chief Physiotherapist

The bellicon® mini trampoline explained in 2 minutes