Research and Studies around the Subject of Rebounding

Clinical Trial Shows That Bouncing Stops Bone Loss
Dr. Joachim H. Schulz 28.03.2014
A clinical trial was conducted by Dr. Joachim H. Schulz that focused on rebounding and it's benefits in the fight of preventing bone loss. Dr Schulz is a specialist in general medicine with additional training and expertise in naturopathy, diabetology and clinical nutrition. He also has long-term clinical experience in surgery, cardiology, allergy and naturopathy and is Vice President of the Medical Society of Preventive Medicine and Naturopathic Therapies - Kneipp Medical Association.
NY Times: The Best Exercises for Healthy Bones
New York Times 28.03.2014
A terrific article by Gretchen Reynolds of the New York Times about the dangers of osteoporosis and what can be done to strengthen bones. To quote Dr Daniel Barry of the University of Colorado, Denver: "'Jumping is great, if your bones are strong enough to begin with,' Dr. Barry says.
Osteoporosis: Millions Have It And Millions More At Risk
National Osteoporosis Foundation 28.03.2014
The National Osteoporosis Foundation is the preeminent organization in the United States for information and research regarding osteoporosis. Here is how they descrive themselves on their website: “The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) is the leading health organization dedicated to preventing osteoporosis and broken bones, promoting strong bones for life and reducing human suffering through programs of public and clinician awareness, education, advocacy and research. Established in 1984, NOF is the nation's only health organization solely dedicated to osteoporosis and bone health.”
Strengthening Ankles And Joints Helps Balance
National Osteoporosis Foundation 27.03.2014
The article “Keeping Your Balance” on the National Osteoporosis Foundation website, has some good information and helpful tips on combating balance problems, especially for seniors.