Research and Studies around the Subject of Rebounding

Clinical Trial Shows That Bouncing Stops Bone Loss
Dr. Joachim H. Schulz 28.03.2014
A clinical trial was conducted by Dr. Joachim H. Schulz that focused on rebounding and it's benefits in the fight of preventing bone loss. Dr Schulz is a specialist in general medicine with additional training and expertise in naturopathy, diabetology and clinical nutrition. He also has long-term clinical experience in surgery, cardiology, allergy and naturopathy and is Vice President of the Medical Society of Preventive Medicine and Naturopathic Therapies - Kneipp Medical Association.
Eccentric Training and Seniors
Aaron Bubbico, B.S. and Len Kravitz, PhD 25.03.2014
Aaron Bubbico and Len Kravtiz, PhD, of Idea Fitness Journal wrote something extremely interesting back in October in 2010... “Due to muscle mass and strength decreases associated with aging and inactivity (referred to as sarcopenia), it is valuable to know that eccentric strength training is a principal training technique that can be incorporated with older male and female clients.
NASA Study: Bouncing is the Best Exercise
Biomedical Research Division, NASA 01.11.1980
This NASA study, which confirms the extraordinary fitness benefits of bouncing, helped to bring rebounding to the awareness of the American public.