What ceiling height is needed for training on a bellicon® rebounder?

Minimal ceiling height = your height + 50 cm / 20 inches

The thing that makes a bellicon® so special is the incomparably high elasticity of the bungee ring suspension. Training on a bellicon® is therefore quite different to the conventional trampolines where you primarily jump up from the mat and are slightly cushioned when landing. With a bellicon®, the upward jump is not as important as the braking during the downward deceleration.

As soon as you step onto our bungee trampoline, the jumping mat sinks downwards and from this starting point you then start swinging up and down. Whilst braking, you dive deep down into the bellicon® and even when exercising intensively, you hardly swing over and beyond the frame.

Our trampolines have an overall height of ca. 35 cm and even when training intensively, you only swing approximately 10 cm above the frame. As a guideline therefore, you can use the formula in the caption above for the minimal necessary ceiling height. Of course, theoretically speaking, it is possible to jump higher than this on our trampolines, so any training style and bounce height is possible.

What are the terms of guarantee at bellicon®?

When you purchase bellicon® products, you acquire qualitatively incomparable, premium goods. Therefore it is no problem for us to provide the trampolines with warranties that clearly exceed the legally prescribed guarantee period.

The warranty period for individual trampoline parts is as follows:

  • 5 years on stainless steel frames (bellicon® premium)
  • 3 years on lacquered steel frames (bellicon® classic)
  • 3 years on rebounding mats and rubber caps
  • 2 years warranty on bungee rings, excluding wear and tear (wear, "flaking", etc.)
  • 3 months on bungee rings when used commercially
  • 3 years on frame cushions
  • 3 years on support bars


The guarantee for customers starts on the purchase date, so please keep your invoice as it proves your date of purchase.

We produce and assemble our trampolines to the highest quality standards. Despite this, we can’t completely rule out mistakes. If you do actually detect damage to your bellicon® trampoline within the guarantee period, please contact us immediately. We will resolve the problem as efficiently as possible.

In case of damage, please do not send us the goods without consulting us first in order to avoid unnecessary transport costs.

How long do the bungee rope rings last?

The rope rings are parts that are subject to natural wear and tear, and there is no regulatory requirement to offer a guarantee on them. Despite this, we guarantee you – contrary to our competitors – a minimum usage period on the rope suspension. The wear and tear of the rope rings is not a defect, but can be compared to for instance the soles of jogging shoes wearing out. The more often and longer you walk, the sooner you will have to replace your shoes.

We are often asked how long the ropes will last. Unfortunately this can’t be answered easily as the wear and tear depends on many different factors. Depending on how heavy the users are, how intensive they bounce, jump or train for, sooner or later the ropes will wear out and lose their resilience. Many users who exercise regularly, quite easily manage two years or longer with one set of rope rings, whilst others wear them out quicker.

Our recommendation is to replace the bungee ropes after two years to provide the best bounce.

My husband weighs 85 kg and I only 50 kg - which device is the right for us?

When several people with different weights wish to share a bellicon® rebounder, they should go by the heaviest person using the trampoline when choosing the rope rings, so that nobody swings through to the floor when exercising. In our example above, the recommended rope ring strength would therefore be 85 kg (strong bungee, yellow clip).

Follow this step-by-step configurator to select your customized bellicon® bungee strength.

Can I return my bellicon® rebounder if I don’t like it?

Our mini trampolines are popular both with clients and health experts, with many leaving positive reviews and testimonials on the bellicon® rebounder range. We believe that before long you will discover the many health & fitness benefits of using one.

If you decide, however, that you want to make a return, according to our current general terms and conditions, bellicon®'s compulsory deadline for returning goods is 14 days provided that the goods are without damage and returned in the original packaging.

If you are not satisfied with the bellicon®, contact us by email and let us know within 14-days of the delivery date. We will then organize the pick-up and return.

We will refund your purchase cost in full. Your only cost will be for the pick-up and return shipping (GBP 89.00).

Is the bellicon® rebounder weather proof?

Where possible, bellicon® mini trampolines should not be left outside or in the sun for long periods but only during training. The frames of most bellicon® models are made of steel, lacquered and browned and so are splash-proof, but not weatherproof.

The bellicon® premium however, is made of stainless steel and will not rust, but the bungees and ribbons should not be in the sun for too long.

What can I do if I become dizzy whilst bouncing?

Due to the wobbly underground of the bellicon®, dizziness can occur. This typically disappears though after the second or third use, but we advise that if it persists, you should only bounce for a maximum of 5 minutes to begin with and to increase exercise slowly and moderately, depending on how you feel.

Is it advisable to bounce on the bellicon® mini trampoline during pregnancy?

As one pregnancy is so different to another, we cannot answer this question. We advise you to consult your gynecologist or GP.

Is bellicon® mini trampoline bouncing good for your back?

Yes, training on a mini trampoline has a positive effect on your musculoskeletal system. The bellicon® trampoline is recommended by "action for healthier backs" (AGR), the German federal association for back care (registered association), and the bellicon® was recently allocated the official AGR-seal of approval.

Discover more about the benefits of bellicon® rebounder for the lower back.

Are bellicon® mini trampolines suitable for children?

Yes, we have found that children enjoy bouncing on highly elastic devices and it’s also a great way for them to let off steam!

Nowadays, children suffer from a lack of exercise, although a strong urge to move is natural to them. Having to sit for long periods of time at school, unattractive sports options and distraction through the computer and television all add to a lack of exercise, which can negatively impact their health and wellbeing.

Therefore, a bellicon® is great for children for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s a fun and sometimes challenging way to get them moving. And secondly, it helps the body to be exercised sufficiently. Bouncing provides the body with oxygen reserves, trains coordination and movement, raises your metabolism and thereby maintains weight. 

As a result of all this, children are more balanced and feel more relaxed, so our recommendation is: absolutely suitable!

For security reasons, we recommend a frame cushion for small children so they can’t slip and hurt themselves when swinging.

Are bellicon® mini trampolines suitable for seniors?

Seniors can benefit in a special way from the bellicon® trampoline as their surefootedness and balance are enormously improved by this exercise.

It gives you vitality and can be practiced from home. The unstable base of the mat causes your equilibrium to be continuously checked. This coordination training is especially important for the prevention of falling. The ability of the muscles to react increases and helps the body to adequately use its reflexes, for instance when it’s icy or when coming across hazards. This is especially beneficial to seniors. 

The bungees are soft and gentle on joints, so you can move freely and with no hard impact which is great for training with conditions such as Arthritis. Rebounding on the bellicon® is also beneficial in treating osteoporosis. The bellicon® can also be supplied with one or two support bars for added security.

Discover more about the health benefits of bellicon® rebounders for seniors

If I have a bellicon® Classic or bellicon® Premium model, is there a T-bar attachment I can buy?

We no longer sell the Universal T-bars that fit onto the Classic and Premium frames, but if you are interested in purchasing a T-bar or Support bar for your bellicon, we recommend to buy the bellicon® Plus. The bellicon® Plus has the same durable, black finish as the bellicon® Classic, but adds a locking slot built into the frame for use with the included T-bar accessory. Removing or adding it back is easy and takes no time and can be adjusted in height to fit different users.

The T-bar offers stability in the front of you as well as the added ability to get quicker, more endurance-building cardio training such as bellicon® JUMPING workouts. Right now, the T-bar is only offered with the bellicon Plus and bellicon Jumping Fitness models.  

Alternatively the arched shaped support bars can be easily attached to any existing bellicon® model and enable the same training possibilities as the T-bar.

Arched support bars are available and offer greater stability and security as they rest at your side, rather than in front of you and make getting on and off the bellicon® very accessible. These are typically purchased for seniors, or individuals who have trouble with vertigo or balance. You can purchase Support Bars as a single or as a set.

How do Klarna installment payments work?

In cooperation with Klarna, we offer you a convenient, interest free payment plan option when purchasing your bellicon®. Payment is to be made to Klarna in 3 instalments which can be split over 60 days. 

You can find further information on Klarna's user terms or general information about Klarna. Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable data protection law and with the information in Klarna's privacy statement.

Please note: the payment plan is only available in the United Kingdom.

What is the height of a bellicon® after the legs have been folded or removed?

We understand that some users like to store away their bellcon® between uses and are interested in its height once the legs have been folded in or removed.

The height of both different options are as follows:

  • Screw-in legs: 6.5cm height when screwed off
  • Folding legs: 8.5 cm height when folded in

We will be happy to answer any further questions you might have. Please send us your inquiry to info@bellicon.co.uk