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Stay in Shape with an Indoor Trampoline
Woman enjoying some exercise on an indoor trampoline
Whether the demands of your work schedule has had an impact on your fitness, or you’ve set yourself the goal to get fitter and more in shape, exercising is going to be a key part of your routine. Indoor trampolines can be the perfect workout accessory for you, offering a variety of fun and effective ways to get your blood pumping and shift those extra calories.
How Does A Workout On A Springless Trampoline Compare To A Stationary Bike
Woman doing a springless trampoline workout
Two very popular choices for home workout gear are springless trampolines and stationary bikes. If you’re in the market for new home gym equipment, you may be wondering how a springless trampoline and stationary bike compare, and which one is right for you and your health and fitness goals.
The Complete Guide to Rebounding for Exercise & Health in 2021
Woman enjoying a rebounding exercise class at home
In 2021, there are plenty of innovative and enjoyable new ways to get in that much-needed exercise without risking your health. Working out at home has been the solution for thousands of people around the world, with the likes of rebounding becoming a widely popular form of exercise due to its suitability for almost anyone, even those with existing health conditions such as osteoporosis.
How to Avoid Injuries When Rebounding
Woman receiving advice on using her rebounder safely
There are some steps you can take to make sure that your rebounding experience is as safe as possible. In this article we list all the things you need to consider to make sure you’re avoiding injuries whilst rebounding.
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7 Mini Trampoline Workouts for Effective Weight Loss
Woman enjoying a mini trampoline workout
Did you know that you can take advantage of trampoline workouts for weight loss? Better yet, they can also work towards increasing your power and overall cardiac fitness. We’ve put together 7 of our best mini trampoline workouts to help you with your fitness and weight loss journey.
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Rebounding vs Running: Which One is Better for Weight Loss?
Instructor ready to teach a rebounding class
With so many ways you can lose weight, ranging from cardio exercises to weight training, people are presented with a range of workouts to add to their fitness regime. However, for people who are seriously looking to lose weight, they want to know exactly which exercise is best, which leads us to the question of which is better for weight loss – rebounding or running?
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Do you Need to Attend Rebounding Classes to Experience the Benefits?
Woman rebounding at home
Rebounding is an innovative and enjoyable way to work out. No matter your age or exercise restrictions, rebounding offers millions with the ability to improve their overall health and fitness, without causing any unnecessary strain on the body.
Trampoline Cardio Workouts to Strengthen your Heart
Woman doing a trampoline cardio workout
Rebounding and trampoline workouts are a fantastic way to boost your cardio without causing unnecessary strain on the body. As an added bonus, trampoline workouts are much more fun than traditional cardio workouts such as running and jogging!
Top 5 Fat Burning Rebounder Workouts to Try at Home
Man trying fat burning rebounder workouts
Rebounding is an incredibly effective fat burning exercise. So, if you’re looking to reach a goal weight, jumpstart your journey with these five follow-along routines.
Is Jogging or Running on a Mini Trampoline Good Exercise?
Woman running on a bellicon trampoline
Not only is jogging or running on a mini trampoline a good exercise, it’s even better than the real thing in many ways. Read on to find out how.