bellicon USA announces new products for high-energy, “t-bar” workouts

bellicon USA 24.02.2016

CHICAGO, IL – February 23, 2016 - bellicon USA, the world’s leader in rebounder equipment, today announced two new models in bellicon’s line of premium-quality fitness trampolines: the bellicon Plus and the bellicon Jumping® Fitness.

Both new models include an integrated T-bar accessory that allows users to perform fast-paced, high-energy workouts that would be impossible without the use of hand support. The bellicon, with its custom-formulated bungee suspension and German engineering, has long been considered the best fitness trampoline, or “rebounder,” on the market. These new models represent the first major addition to its product line since the founding of bellicon USA in 2010.

“Using a T-bar while rebounding is extremely popular throughout Europe and has spawned hundreds of fitness studios that specialize in T-bar rebounding classes,” said Philipp von Kunhardt, founder and CEO of bellicon USA. “We are excited to introduce the new bellicon models in response to the growing customer demand for similar, high-quality products within the United States.”

The new bellicon Plus is available in a 44” size, and comes with the same black, powder-coated steel frame as the bellicon Classic. The bellicon Jumping Fitness has a 54” hexagonal frame and is the first non-circular model in the bellicon lineup. The Jumping Fitness has a mat area similar to that of the 49” bellicon, previously its largest model size, but its shape allows for convenient stacking of multiple units, making it the perfect choice for gyms and fitness studios. Both models have a dedicated T-bar slot and quick-release lever built into the frame, permitting the T-bar to be easily attached or removed.

Pre-orders are now being accepted for both the bellicon Plus and the bellicon Jumping Fitness at

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### About bellicon bellicon rebounders, recognized as the world’s premiere exercise trampoline, are designed in Switzerland, made in Germany, assembled in the U.S., and loved everywhere. Rebounding is a low impact, fun workout for men and women of all ages. With their exceptionally strong frames and custom-formulated, ultra-elastic bungee suspension, bellicon’s rebounders are the best on the market, providing a better bounce and greater benefits than spring-based rebounders.

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