CoppaFeel Celebs Prepare for 'Bounce Back'

Coppafeel founders partner with bellicon®


While the global pandemic continues to pose a significant threat, CoppaFeel and bellicon® have teamed up to ensure that another risk to health does not go ignored.


What is CoppaFeel?

CoppaFeel is a charity dedicated to raising awareness and educating young people on not only the importance of checking for breast cancer but also how they can self-examine. In any ordinary year, the charity’s calendars would be full to the brim with events and fundraisers focused on doing just that but, of course, 2020 has been a year like no other.  

Aware of the importance of spreading its message, rather than letting restrictions get in the way, CoppaFeel is taking matters online by holding a virtual fundraising event that will be livestreamed for all to watch and to get involved with.  


The Big 'Bounce Back'

On 24th October 2020, the charity’s co-founders, Kris and Maren Hallenga, will be taking part in a 12-hour bounce-a-thon. And we are proud to be supporting the event, as they’re taking on the bounceback challenge on bellicon® rebounders! 

Joining the two CoppaFeel founders will be a line-up of celebrities, including the likes of Fearne Cotton and Giovanna Fletcher. As well as offering their support for the event, the pair, alongside others, such as Greg James and Dermot O’Leary, are proud patrons of the charity.  

Find out more about the bounceback event and to how you can donate and join in.


CoppaFeel Founder on 'Bounce Back'


The benefits of rebounding

While the challenge is taking bouncing to the extreme, encouraging those able to to push themselves into unfamiliar territory to attract support and sponsorship, rebounding in its general form has its benefits.   

For example, it has been proven that rebounding for just a short interval each day can improve the immune system and overall wellbeing as well as help the body to relieve stress.  

Not only that but rebounding can aid in the achievement of several health and fitness goals too, including weight loss, muscle gain and ailment recovery. 

Find out more about the health benefits of rebounding on a bellicon® mini trampoline

So, whether you want to join in on CoppaFeel’s bounceback challenge or are looking to invest in your health, see the full range of completely customisable rebounders.   

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