Top 5 Fat Burning Rebounder Workouts to Try at Home



One of the beauties of bouncing on a rebounder is its fat burning benefits. In fact, studies have found that rebounding is 50% more efficient at burning fat than running!  

So, if you’re looking to lose weight in a fun, effective and convenient way, rebounding is for you. Here are five rebounder workout routines that you can follow along to at home.

Before you begin

Before beginning any rebounder workout, having the right technique is vital in ensuring you get the best results and do not injure yourself in the process. 

It’s important to choose the right rebounder since there are differences. A bellicon® rebounder with bungees can be fully customised to help you reach your training goals faster, once feature of the bellicon® that helps it stand out from alternatives.  

It's also important to customise your bellicon® because our bodies and weights are different, and the perfect bungee choice will be more effective and beneficial in supporting your efforts to burn fat. 

Once you’re all setup and ready to go, stand tall, keep your core tight and relax your shoulders. When bouncing, keep this posture, unless advised otherwise and focus on your breathing. 

1. Morning routine – rebounder workout

One of the best ways to promote fat burning is by activating your metabolism first thing in the morning and then letting it do the work throughout the rest of the day.  

Just a quick 10 – 15 minute rebounder workout in the morning is enough to get your metabolism going, enabling it to sustainably and steadily burn calories as you go about your usual daily activities.  

Morning routine - rebounder workout

Enjoy a rebounder workout in the morning

Here’s a routine to try

  1. Begin with a gentle bounce  
  2. Start to widen your legs and lift your arms for some jumping jacks 
  3. Sitting at the edge of your rebounder, roll your back down towards the mat and then back to the centre  
  4. Still sitting, lift your legs in front of your chest and hold the position  
  5. Begin to lower your back towards the mat and then to the centre again, keeping your legs lifted 
  6. Sitting a little further back so your legs are resting on the trampoline mat, perform some stretches with your arms and also twist to release your back muscles, too 
  7. Stand up and begin a gentle bounce again  
  8. Vary your bounces by shifting your weight to either leg, changing the position of your legs or bouncing at different heights   
  9. Continue bouncing but begin to rotate your body in an ‘around the world’ motion  
  10. Work on your balance by stretching your arms out beside you and lifting one foot off the mat 
  11. End with some more gentle bouncing, gradually slowing down before coming to a stop 

2. Pilates on a mini trampoline

In its normal form, Pilates is a popular fat burning exercise. Movements and positions aim to strengthen core muscles, which is a typical focal point for those seeking to lose weight. By engaging these muscles, then, Pilates increases the efficiency of the rate at which the body burns excess fat.  

On a bellicon® rebounder, the soft mat surface enables even those with back or other joint or ligament injuries to perform the exercise, which could even aid in recovery.  

Similarly, easy access to the rebounder allows you to integrate short intervals of cardio training into routines, which makes burning fat much more effective.  

Pilates workout on a mini trampoline

Try a pilates workout on your mini trampoline

Here’s a Pilates routine to try

  1. Standing on your rebounder, loosen your arms and shoulders by performing some stretches 
  2. Bending at the hips, lower your chest towards the mat and hold onto the edge of the trampoline. Once down, bend your knees and straighten to really feel the stretch  
  3. Four-point kneeling position – with your knees in the centre of the mat and hands holding the edge of the frame, begin to lift your stomach, rounding your spine to stretch and then back again  
  4. In this same kneeling position, work on your stability by lifting one arm at a time  
  5. Sit back on your feet, stretch both arms out in front of you and let your chest relax to the mat  
  6. Sitting at the edge of the frame, roll your back towards the mat and then back up again  
  7. This time, when your back is closest to the mat, perform some small rocks to work your core muscles, ensuring you take a deep breath with each one 
  8. Lying with your back flat against the mat and hands behind your head, begin to lift your ribs towards your hip bones and then back down again  
  9. With the same movement, begin to lift one leg and then the other with each crunch  
  10. Bring both knees to your chest and hold. Then, stretch your legs out in front of you while also stretching your arms behind. You can do this with both legs and then each one individually  
  11. Turning over now, place your palms in the centre of the rebounder and feet on the ground, get into a plank position. Bend your knees to the ground and then launch back forward into plank  
  12. Introduce some cardio into the Pilates routine by bouncing on the trampoline – you can vary your bounces by shifting your weight, changing the position of your legs or adding in arm movements for jumping jacks, for example  
  13. End with gentle bounces and some more stretches 

3. Office break workout

When you’re on a weight loss journey, exercise can begin to feel like a chore. When this happens, it’s easy to become demotivated and deterred from your goal. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.  

Rebounding makes exercising enjoyable. And, the convenient and portable nature of mini trampolines means they can basically be used anywhere – even in the office!  

So, whether you’re working from home or are based in an office environment, rebounding can easily be built into your daily routine. Even a short 10-minute bouncing break is enough to begin to see and feel the benefits.  

Not only is this great for your physical health, but your mental state will benefit too, as we all know how important it is to take regular breaks during the working day to avoid burn out and increase productivity.  

Office break rebounder workout

Fit in a rebounder workout in the office during your break

Here’s a routine to try:  

  1. Begin by gentling bouncing on the rebounder, without lifting your feet off the surface  
  2. Start to swing your arms back and forth  
  3. Still bouncing, begin to reach your arms forward and then push your elbows back  
  4. Stretch out your chest by bring your arms together in front of you as if you are clapping and then back out towards the side  
  5. In a similar motion, but this time push your palms down towards the floor and back up  
  6. Begin to perform jumping jacks 
  7. End with some gentle bounces and stretches  

4. 30 minute cardio routine

If you’re really trying to get your heart racing and burn those calories, a 30-minute cardio workout is just what you need!   

Longer routines can be tailored to each individual’s fitness level by introducing regular rest intervals or performing a non-stop sequence of exercises. You can also introduce weights or training bands to increase the intensity of workouts.  

30 minute cardio routine on a rebounder

Try this 30 minute cardio routine on a bellicon rebounder

Here’s a full 30-minute routine that is focused on weight loss and cardio

  1. Warm up with a gentle march, gradually working up to a bounce and engaging your arms by swinging, stretching and rotating  
  2. When you’re ready to pick up the pace, bend slightly at the hips and begin to run on the spot. Go at this faster pace for a short interval and then revert back to a gentle bounce or march for a rest   
  3. Switch to jumping jacks  
  4. Rather than going back to a gentle bounce, pick up the pace of your rest intervals with a light jog  
  5. When jogging, begin to lift your knees high and exaggerate your arm swings  
  6. Switch back and forth between jumping jacks and high knee jogging. You can also introduce quarter turns to your jogging intervals to increase the intensity and change the tempo  
  7. Go back to running on the spot, picking up the pace now that you are warmed up   
  8. You can also introduce sprint bursts to increase the intensity  
  9. Scissor your arms and legs while running on the spot  
  10. Before we cool down, go for one last round of marching, high knee jogs and jumping jacks  
  11. Go back to gentle bounces before coming to a stop. Then, pick up some weights and perform some arm exercises  
  12. Finish with some stretches and breathing exercises  


5. Full body workout 

Full body workouts are a great way to start a weight loss journey as fat can be burned evenly throughout the individual’s frame. Full body workouts on a rebounder are that much more effective as with each bounce, you activate and engage 656 muscles, distributing the benefits of bouncing to all areas.  

However, if there are specific areas you’d like to target, you can increase the intensity of certain exercises in the routine to work them a little harder. You can do this by introducing weights or taking fewer rest intervals, for example.  

Full body workout on a rebounder

Full body workout on a rebounder

Here’s a full body workout routine for you to try:

  1. Begin with some gentle bounces  
  2. Start to widen and then narrow your stance with each bounce  
  3. Now, twist your body to perform oblique exercises  
  4. Bounce from side to side and swing your arms with the movement and then switch to forwards and backwards bounces  
  5. Change to jumping jacks  
  6. Dismount from the rebounder, place your hands in the centre of the mat and stretch your legs out behind you so you’re in plank position. Either hold this position or perform push ups  
  7. Back on the trampoline now, grab some weights and bounce with high knees while curling your triceps 
  8. Switch to widening and narrowing your legs and swinging your arms from your side to out in front of you  
  9. Scissor your legs while raising your arms up above your head and back to your shoulders  
  10. Put the weights down and go back to jumping jacks  
  11. Back to a normal wide stance bounce, punch your arms out in front of you as if you’re boxing  
  12. Back to bouncing, vary your movements by changing the direction, the position of your legs, adding twists or including arm movements 
  13. Run on the spot, ensuring your knees are lifted high and arms are swinging  
  14. Tuck jump  
  15. Now, cool down by going back to some gentle bounces, regaining control of your breathing, followed by stretching  

So, there you have it – five routines that will get you to your goal weight in no time!  

For more rebounder workout routines, check out the bellicon® blog or, sign up to the  bellicon® Home video workout platform today.  

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