How To Improve Balance & Core Strength With A Fitness Trampoline



Bouncing to improve balance – it’s a strange concept, we know. But it’s one that 100% works!  

And we’re about to explain how.  

There are a number of components in our bodies that are involved in keeping us upright and balanced. Interestingly, all of these can be trained on a fitness trampoline. And consequently, through training, balance can be improved.  

But what are these components? 

Bouncing and the brain

Like every other muscle in our body, the brain gets better, more effective and stronger when challenged. Bouncing on rebounder is an exercise that does just that by creating demand for responsive motor control.  

The particular area of the brain that this stimulates is the cerebellum, which is also responsible for keeping us balanced. Therefore, bouncing helps our motor control responses get better and our balance improves

it's all in the core

Our core muscles also play an important role in our balance. Ultimately, no matter the exercise or routine you’re performing on a fitness trampoline, the correct posture involves a tight core and through bouncing, the tensing and relaxing of the muscles begins to strengthen them.  

You can also perform targeted core workouts, too. For example, the below exercises are a great way to really work on strengthening your core muscles to promote better balance.  

bellicon® fitness trampoline abs workout

bellicon® fitness trampoline abs workout


Crunches x 30 seconds

  • Lying down on the mat, bend your knees at a 90 degree angle, keeping your feet flat at the end of the frame and your fingers on your temple 

  • Lift your neck and back off the mat, bringing your chest towards your knees 

  • Hold for a second and lower yourself back down  

Russian twists x 30 seconds  

  • Sitting in the centre of the trampoline with your feet at the end of the frame, lean your back towards the mat  

  • Twist the centre of your body to one side, and then the other 

  • Repeat  

Plank x 30 seconds

  • Stepping off the trampoline, place your palms in the centre of the mat and stretch your feet out behind you  

  • Hold this position  

Bicycle crunch x 30 seconds

  • Lying in the centre of the trampoline with your legs stretched out, bend one knee and bring it towards your chest, while at the same time, lifting your back off the mat and bringing the opposite shoulder towards the bent knee  

  • Repeat with the opposite leg and arm  

Core workouts like these are much more effective, comfortable and safe on a bellicon® mini trampoline. This is due to the softer mat surface and bungee suspension system, which reduces the risk of catching toes or fingers in the springs of traditional rebounders.  

As well as this, bellicon® models either come with a T-bar or can be fitted with support handles, which are great for balance training, as this provides additional security for those beginning to build their balance, or for anyone performing stability poses.  

Bouncing back

When you’ve suffered an injury or illness, it’s common for poor balance to become one of the knock on effects. For example, sometimes the injury can cause a misalignment due to certain muscles or bones being weakened through a break or tear and others strengthen because of the increased reliance upon them. Or, it can impact an individual’s confidence, particularly if an injury was caused due to a fall.  

Ultimately, balance can take a hit and rehabilitation is just as much about building back your balance as it is correcting the injury.  

Now, you already know how rebounding can help improve balance. But for those who are suffering an injury, bouncing back is quite literally an effective option.  

The bellicon® bungee suspension system, paired with the softer and highly elasticated mat, allows for shock to be minimised and the little that remains is evenly distributed throughout the body. This means the particular problem area, whether it’s a bone or muscle, experiences no intense pressure, and therefore, isn’t worsened.

The bellicon® is the only certified back friendly, low impact rebounder and is fully customizable. This is especially important for people with back inquires, those in pain or those with joint problems/arthritis. It has acquired a 'seal of approval' from several organisations including the American Chiropractic Association.  

Gentle exercise on a bellicon® rebounder is a great way to recover from an injury. It can build back confidence, fitness and strength, which all start with better balance and stability.  

For this exact reason, fitness trampolines are also ideal for elders. Although a loss of stability is a common effect of growing old and not necessarily a specific injury, bouncing can help slow the process and keep people strong, stable and agile for longer. Additional help with balance is achieved by adjusting bungee strength to a softer setting and for maximum support, combine the soft bungees with some bellicon® support bars.

Discover more about the benefits of bouncing on a bellicon® fitness trampoline and learn why many regard the bellicon® as the best rebounder on the market.


bellicon's smooth bounce has no negative impact
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