How to strengthen your pelvic floor after childbirth


The best postnatal training

Train at home with a baby

During pregnancy and birth, your pelvic muscles will stretch. Body tissue loosens during a pregnancy and the effects of labour. 96% of women who give birth to a child experience this. Unfortunately, the effects can lead to urinary incontinence. 

Your pelvic floor and your core need to recover after having a baby. However, it’s wise to start the recovery process as soon as possible to repair the damage. Because you can strengthen the pelvic floor. It’s time for some postnatal exercises to get back into shape.

Daily pelvic floor exercises will help you achieve this and help you take back control of your bladder. Before you start doing anything, we would advise you to consult your doctor.

Besides pelvic floor issues, women want to get back in shape as soon as possible after having their child. This is not always easy. You want to be with your child as much as possible and an hour in the gym prevents you from being with your new born.

There’s a way of subtly training your pelvic floor muscles after giving birth which is both fun and low-impact. You don’t need to worry about bladder problems after a few weeks of exercising. We are, of course, talking about bouncing on the bellicon®.

After you’ve taken back control over your bladder, you can work on your other goals. Losing some excess pounds and getting back into shape. Without having to leave your house and new born, from the comfort of your living room.

The ideal training for (young) moms

But you do need to take care of yourself as well. Why not do some postnatal exercises in your living room while the little one is asleep?

When you bounce on the soft bellicon® rebounder, there’s an extra benefit: the bellicon® is as silent as a whisper. Your baby can continue to nap, while you work on your health goals.

And did you know that when you buy a bellicon®, you get a month free access pass to our online video platform “bellicon Home”. On the platform you can find 300+ workout videos, including some especially directed at strengthening the pelvic floor and the core.

When you feel confident you can exercise a bit longer and more intense, try any of our cardio exercises to get back into shape. Mix it up and break a sweat, still without making a sound.

When you bring the bellicon® into your living room, you get a device that’s not only great for your postnatal exercises, it’s a device for the entire family! Spend your time at home instead of in the gym and be around your family. Oh, and let them bounce as well every once in a while ;-)

How can the bellicon® rebounder help you strengthen your pelvic floor after giving birth?

For people with pelvic floor issues, the right kind of exercise can not only strengthen the surrounding muscles themselves, but also help them to maintain a healthy weight and encourage proper digestive functioning.

By gently bouncing on the bellicon® rebounder, you strengthen the tone of your pelvic floor and the abdominal muscles (your core). Just softly bouncing is enough already. If the problems are severe, you can even opt to bounce lying on your back to avoid the effects of incontinence.

Dr. Maura Seleme, specialist in urogynaecology and the pelvic floor, uses biofeedback to measure the contractions in the pelvic floor. She carried out several tests using her measurements while having women jump on different types of surfaces. She found that the harder the surface, the worse it is in terms of loss of urine.

When bouncing on the soft bellicon®, she says, the abdominal muscles contract less and the pelvic floor muscles contract more. This is a perfect way of training the pelvic floor muscles in a fun and effective way.

When you land on the mat, the muscles tighten and when you’re up in the air, the muscles relax. This process is extremely beneficial in terms of strengthening the pelvic floor. Do note, however, that in the beginning you might experience extra loss of urine because of this effect.

We are not physicians and every body is different, so please consult your doctor before attempting to do the exercises.

“Regular bouncing on a soft mini trampoline improves blood flow and responsiveness in the pelvic floor. Many women have completely solved their problems with this training. Use your muscles and stimulate your cells, that's all!” – Gisela Schirmer, physiotherapist and pelvic floor specialist

So start rebounding to strengthen your pelvic floor and to be able to laugh, sneeze or lift confidently. Then, start to increase the tempo on your way to get back into shape.

The importance of softness

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles works best with softer bungees. So please pick ‘health bounce’ bungees, a little above your weight. By opting for soft bungees, the inner muscles have more time to flex and work against gravity. This way the pelvic floor can be exercised gently...

Keep it simple, keep it soft! Gentle bounces while keeping the feet on the mat are the best way forward. This subtle movement trains your muscles efficiently, without overdoing it.

Pelvic floor exercises

What else can you do?

Besides bouncing on your bellicon®, there are several other ways to train your pelvic floor muscles:

  • Lie on your back. Breathe in. While you breathe out, gently squeeze your pelvic floor muscles. Please don’t tuck in your abdomen. Just focus on pulling your pelvic floor muscles up and in.
  • Hold that squeeze for 45 seconds, while continuing to breathe normally.
  • Once you get the hang of it, try holding the squeeze longer, up to 10 seconds.
  • Build up slowly, doing this once a day. After a week increase to twice a day. Another week later, do it three times a day.
  • You should notice the difference after three months or so.

What our customers say


“After I gave birth to our son in the winter of 2007 I could not get rid of the extra weight. I looked desperately for an uncomplicated, yet highly efficient way to exercise my body and shed the extra pounds without the need of a babysitter or sports studio.

The bellicon is just what I wanted! The bouncing method is extremely effective and because the legs fold back the device is easy to put away. Now I lost even more weight and have a better toned body than I initially wanted. I am still hooked. When I got the bellicon, I desperately wanted to loose 10-14 lbs and it ended up being 20-30 lbs! The compliments I get are a great reward and I mention and recommend the bellicon at every opportunity. I especially recommend the bellicon to women who have one or more children, who want to tone their bodies effortlessly, and who would like to strengthen their pelvic floor.

Apart from toning my figure, the back problems I’ve been having (neck and lower back/pelvis) also go away on the bellicon. I can eliminate pain by relieving posture.”


“Loss of urine: for me this was a short-term and temporary phenomenon. I started losing drops of urine while bouncing, but also during coughing and when I had to sneeze.

For a couple of days it disturbed me very much, I thought it was a nasty side effect of bouncing. You read it correctly, WARNING, because by continuing to jump the temporary complaint of leakage disappeared and gave it a stronger bladder muscle. I go to the toilet less often and just keep it dry again."

Read more customer reviews.

Post natal exercises on the bellicon

Post natal exercises on the bellicon

For more information about how the bellicon can help strengthen your pelvic floor, visit our health page about the pelvic floor
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