How An Indoor Trampoline Helps You Stay in Shape

Man keeping fit on a bellicon indoor trampoline


Indoor trampolines are a growing phenomenon that are encouraging more and more people to embark on a health and fitness journey.  

Convenient, practical and most importantly, fun is what you can expect from a session of rebounding. But can bouncing on these small indoor trampolines really help you to stay in shape?  

Do indoor trampolines help you stay in shape?

Our answer is YES! 

Rebounding has a number of benefits, with many connected to losing weight, toning up and building muscle. 

what is an indoor trampoline?

An indoor trampoline, sometimes called a mini trampoline or a rebounder, is a small sized piece of equipment that can be used for working out at home, in the gym or on the go.  

Rebounders are usually compact and portable meaning they can be carried around, stowed away or left on display, for quick and convenient use. 

It might be hard to imagine that such a small and often, simple piece of kit can have all the benefits it claims to, but it does.  

The act of rebounding can promote a variety of bodily functions that can aid in health, fitness and overall wellbeing. But perhaps the greatest benefit of rebounding is that it is an exercise form that is accessible to many, which is unlike most other sports and activities.   

This is due to the low intensity and impact of rebounding which doesn’t aggravate existing injuries and ailments, but instead, remedies them. But while steel spring indoor trampolines offer this to some extent, the bellicon® bungee system makes rebounding that much better with softer bounces and a more evenly distributed impact.   

So, even those who struggle with joint problems, back issues or other health-related concerns can incorporate rebounding into their fitness routines with a bellicon® indoor trampoline. 

bellicon® is the only back-friendly certified rebounder in the world and has many quality seals of approval. Experts, doctors and therapists trust and recommend the bellicon®. Made in Germany, the materials are thoroughly tested and are well-known for the being the best, gold standard rebounders on the market.

This means a greater number of people can keep fit and stay in shape by rebounding. And here’s how…  

Losing weight on an indoor trampoline

Rebounding promotes weight loss in a number of ways. Cardio is often the go-to exercise for losing weight and typically, this would involve running, either outdoors or on a treadmill. But interestingly, a NASA study showed that rebounding is more effective than running on a variety of factors.  

Aerobic fitness was one of these, and fat burning another. Ultimately, rebounding was more efficient in improving both of these, meaning weight could be lost faster through rebounder workouts than running.  

A common issue with running is the strain it causes on knees, joints and cartilage, which means injuries can occur often and when they do, runners are left with no choice but to sit out on exercising until corrected. Again, the low impact and intensity of rebounding helps to avoid such injuries, allowing a consistent workout regime that will get you to your goal weight.  

Activating the metabolism

When trying to lose weight, it’s widely known that you must be burning calories and one of the best ways to do this – by activating your metabolism.  

When jumping on an indoor trampoline you are effectively moving your entire body and engaging many of your muscles. And the more of these in motion, the more calories you’ll be burning.  

But what’s more, even just 10 minutes of rebounding in the morning can activate your metabolism for the rest of the day. And with your metabolism stimulated, calories will be being burnt as you go about your usual daily routine.  

building muscle on an indoor trampoline  

Perhaps losing weight isn’t your goal but toning up and building muscle is. Well, indoor trampolines are great for that too!  

When rebounding, you are engaging up to 656 muscles in the body. The act of tightening and then relaxing them as you play with weightlessness and your own body weight, is just what you need to strengthen and consequently, tone and build muscles.  

Unlike other rebounders, the bellicon® bungees come in different strengths, too. The benefit of this is you can opt for one that is right for your weight and that is guaranteed to provide your muscles with a resistance that will make them work. And as your muscles build and your weight increases, you can swap the bungees out for the next strength, ensuring continued results. 

beyond bouncing  

Jumping isn’t the only action you can carry out on a mini trampoline. In fact, they can also be used for core exercises, whereby your back can rest on the soft surface of the mat as you perform crunches, leg raises and sit ups.  

Rebounders paired with a T-bar or trampoline support handle can be used for stretching and other body weight exercises, which are vital in promoting effective, injury-free weight loss and muscle gain. 

Similarly, you can attach training bands to the bars and handles in order to create the ultimate piece of indoor training equipment. These can then be used for exercises that target specific areas of your body. Or, incorporate hand held weight balls into your bouncing routines for an additional burn.  

So, there you have it, a number of ways in which exercising on an indoor trampoline can help you to stay in shape! 

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