The Ultimate Mini Trampoline Buying Guide



Mini trampolines are some of the best pieces of equipment for improving your health, fitness and overall wellbeing. At bellicon®, we have spent over three decades perfecting a unique rebounder technology which takes things to the next level.  

Here’s our expert guide to buying the right mini trampoline, whether you’re new to the sport or are considering a switch to a bellicon® model. 

The benefits of rebounding

Let’s begin with looking at why you might consider taking up rebounding.  

Rebounding has many different benefits, including weight loss, strengthening bones, joints and muscles, improving fitness and even rehabilitating from injuries. Compact and portable in nature, mini trampolines are a convenient way to exercise. And, best of all, it’s fun.  

Rebounding is much gentler on the body than traditional forms of exercise, such as running on pavements or treadmills. This is due to the low impact nature of bouncing on a high elasticity surface, which causes less shock on the bones and joints, causing minimal damage and prolonging their health.    

Truthfully, the entire list of benefits is too long to mention in this one post, but you can learn more about them here. But with so much to offer, it’s no wonder rebounding is so popular with people of all ages and abilities.  

So if you’re ready to jump start your new healthier life, you’ve come to the right place! Here is our ultimate guide to buying a mini trampoline... 

Picking the right rebounder model

With so many rebounders on the market, it’s easy to get lost when deciding which one is right for you.  

Our advice would always be to go for quality over cost. Purchasing a rebounder is an investment in your health and wellbeing and choosing the wrong one could, in fact, do more harm than good.  

Here are some considerations that will make your decision easier:  

Your training goals  

What is it that you want to achieve by rebounding? As mentioned above, there are countless benefits but not all of them can be achieved using one standard trampoline.  

For instance, the suspension strength of a rebounder can have a huge impact on your joints, muscle gain and weight loss so, depending on what your goals are, you’ll see better results with specific models. 

Bungee strength 

Taking your weight into consideration when choosing a rebounder will ensure that you are fully supported as you train. The amount of weight a rebounder can take is a good indication of how well it will support you and can also improve the longevity of the apparatus, as one that is too weak could snap.  

If this does happen, it could result in injury, damage and, of course, a loss of money.  

bellicon® has developed a unique, patented bungee suspension system which replaces the traditional steel springs used in typical rebounders. Unlike spring systems, which still cause shock and negative impact on the body, bungees offer a completely impact-free training experience.  

As a result, bellicon® rebounders are suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or physical ability. While other models that claim to be similar are available, our patented design is second to none.  

The most common issue you’ll find with an alternative is the lack of elasticity in the bungee cords, which can cause them to snap over time or when too much pressure is applied.  

However, the unique molecular make-up of the bellicon® bungee material is almost infinite in its ability to stretch, making it much more durable, safer and less damaging to the bones, joints and ligaments.  

bellicon® bungees are available in five different strengths, ranging from soft to ultra strong and in a variety of colours. The strength you require is determined by your weight as your rebounder must be able to support you. Your choice of colour can be determined by something that lifts your mood, motivates you to work out or matches your home decor. A brighter colour also makes it easier to see the edge of the jumping surface, which makes for safer training.   

As you train and your weight changes, you can easily replace your bungees with a different strength, so you can keep achieving the best results.  

Physical problems, injuries and ailments  

Similarly, you must take into consideration any physical injuries or disabilities you have as, although you can treat and correct certain issues through rebounding, matters could be made worse, if the equipment is not right for you.  

In the case above, a rebounder snapping while in use could worsen any existing injuries or problems, so a high quality trampoline will minimise this risk.  

By finding a customisable model, such as bellicon® plus, will allow you make use of helpful additions such as support handles and additional cushioning. These accessories help to make rebounding safer for those with balance or stability issues, whether due to age or an ailment.  

Choosing the right rebounder model  

Your answers and requirements regarding goals, strength and injuries or ailments should point you in the direction of the right rebounder. One that is completely tailored to your needs will help you to achieve the best results and ensure you are safe.  

For this reason, customisability is a key stage in buying a bellicon® rebounder.  

Here at bellicon®, we offer four rebounder models - classic, premium, plus and jumping. Each model is unique in its own way and, regardless of your training goals, weight and physical condition, there is a suitable model for you.  

For instance, classic models are great, if you want to be able to fully customise your trampoline from size right down to additional accessories. The jumping model is ideal for use in classes and studios as the hexagonal shapes can be stacked, whereas the premium model is appropriate for clinical or outdoor use due to the antiseptic stainless steel frame.  

The plus model is the most dynamic and popular, however. Although support handles can be purchased for other models, the plus comes with a t-bar, which not only provides support to those needing it for balance and stability, but can also be used for stretching and to attach training bands in order to diversify workout routines.  

What size do you need? 

The size of a rebounder makes all the difference in the range of exercises that can be performed on it. The bigger the surface area of the mat, the more choice you’ll have.  

We understand that size matters, so we offer three dimensions across our range of bellicon® models - 100cm, 112cm and 125cm. The smallest size available is in the classic model, which is ideal for small spaces or for those who will be carrying their rebounder around.   

Although, the medium and large designs are more practical and better value as you can do much more on them, we always recommend going for the largest size possible for your space.  

However, if you are short on space, an alternative option offered by bellicon® is a choice in mats. You can choose between a standard or comfort mat when configuring your bellicon® mini trampoline.  

While the standard mat offers everything you need for an effective workout, comfort mats provide 30% more training area within the same frame diameter, which widens the range of exercises you can perform on it.  

Comfort mats also have more cushioning, which is great for exercises where you’ll be lying down as your head can rest on a softer surface.  

Avoid foldable rebounders  

Many companies offer mini trampolines with foldable frames, claiming they are more convenient and practical. Although, due to them being made up of single parts that allows them to fold, the high tension created by the weight and movement of the person bouncing can cause them to loosen over time. A worst case scenario could be the frame breaking whilst being used and causing injury and damage. The health and safety implications of this is a concern. 

The separate parts can also start to rattle and make noise and even move around whilst being bounced on. Additionally, setting up a trampoline made up of multiple parts by yourself can be a challenge and it may require help from someone with prior experience to get it right.  

For most of our models, you can decide to have foldable or screw-in legs. The screw-in option is recommended as you are more likely to use your trampoline if it is assembled and kept in a permanent place.  

However, the foldable leg option is popular too and is just as stable. They are a much safer alternative to a foldable frame and make the rebounder portable and easy to store away, if space is an issue.  

Choose quality over cost  

A mini trampoline should be an investment. With that in mind, you are right to expect a range of additional features and services, along with long-term support.  

Customer reviews, endorsements and any accreditations that the rebounder has been awarded are good indications of quality as they can help substantiate any claims made by the manufacturer.  

Quality standards and seals of approval can help you tell the difference between a high quality trampoline that you will be able to achieve results with and a cheaper alternative model that is unsafe to use and will break easily.  

bellicon®’s German-made rebounders have all of this and more. Any health benefits claimed by us are backed by objective research and testing. Experts in various fields, including physiotherapy, osteoporosis, sports health and many others, have provided testimonials having seen the results first-hand and now even use our rebounders in their practices.  

For users who have heard about the benefits of rebounding to ease back pain symptoms, you should note that bellicon® models are certified back-friendly rebounders and are the only ones on the market that have been endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.  

In an age of ethical consumerism, choosing a rebounder that is doing its bit for the environment is also important. As well as saving you money and preventing bodily damage, a rebounder that is durable and long-lasting is much less wasteful than one that will break easily and needs to be thrown away.  

bellicon® models are guaranteed to last you for years. Their customisable nature also means that parts can be repaired easily should they sustain any damage, which creates less waste.  

A common problem with rebounders is the materials and chemicals used in their composition as there have been instances where people have suffered rashes or irritations after being in contact with a rebounder.  

Understanding the importance of this, we have made sure that the materials we use are dermatologically tested and safe and friendly to the skin. Therefore, users of a bellicon® can enjoy peace of mind as they train in any and every position, whether that be standing on the trampoline, lying down on its mat or stretching against the bar.  

Accessories & compatibility  

Check what compatible accessories are available as this will allow you to make your mini trampoline truly yours.  

As well as a range of trampoline accessories, such as handles, carry bags and training tubes, bellicon® offers a unique video platform, bellicon® Home, to motivate, inspire and guide you through your workouts.  

Videos can be filtered by level of ability and focus area, so you can be sure that your routines will get you the results you want. This is also important as the last thing you want to do is aggravate an existing injury or problem. The tried and tested exercises, filmed by qualified trainers, can guarantee safe and effective workouts.  

Trampoline training socks are another accessory to look out for. Training in specially designed socks which grip the surface of the trampoline is an added safety benefit and also enables you to work and massage the muscles in your feet.  

Whilst training in socks is not recommended for spring-based rebounders due to the risk of catching your toes in the metal wires, it is completely safe and advisable on bellicon® mini trampolines.   

Find a payment plan that works for you 

A quality mini trampoline is likely to come at a price. While settling for a cheaper alternative may be tempting, it’s worth considering what other options might be available.  

For example, bellicon® offer payment plans that are suitable for all budgets, so those who want to invest in their health can.   

Can you get ongoing customer support?  

When buying a mini trampoline, another thing to take into consideration is the service on offer after you have made the purchase. In case things aren’t quite right, you have questions or concerns or require some personal support, buying from a company with good customer service is useful.  

Many companies have directed this service to third-party providers or only accept email communications which can go unopened for days. Unlike them, bellicon® is proud to offer a full customer support service, including a telephone line, email and postal methods, which all have real people who care at the other end.  

As well as answering queries regarding a purchase, our teams are made up of health experts who are on hand to help and advise you with any concerns, so you can get the most out of your product.    

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about buying a mini trampoline. Whether this is your first time purchasing one or you are ready to make the switch to a bellicon®, configure a model that is perfectly suited to you today.  

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