Rebound with Deb – one of the many bellicon Academy successes

bellicon Training 16.06.2016
Deb with Mastertrainer Tara

Last month we launched our bellicon ACADEMY program. The bellicon ACADEMY offers a variety of training options to teach anyone interested in educating others and sharing the joys and benefits of the bellicon exercise regime.

The bellicon ACADEMY courses are held on site at bellicon STUDIO in Chicago, or at partner studios around the US, or specifically organized at requested premises. In May our Master Trainer Tara went to Montana for a special private bellicon ACADEMY session with Deb Marbut. 

Deb’ story is fascinating and very inspiring: Deb first became interested in rebounding while doing research to find ways to address the disabling symptoms she has due to a chronic vestibular disorder. This is balance disorder she has suffered with for 20 years, because of two closed head injuries. The symptoms are constant, 24/7, no matter what position her body is in. It is not a case of the world spinning, but more like one might feel when they first disembark from a ship. There is a term for this disorder, Mal de Débarquement Syndrome (MdDS), it is rare and often brought on by motion, such as traveling by ship/airplane/automobile. More than 60 physicians had not been able to help her, so she relied on her own powers to adapt to and overcome the symptoms as much as possible to function normally. Her condition is considered severe, yet she is extremely high functioning. During the testing process for this condition, she was put through a series of tests in equipment used by NASA. That got her to thinking there could be a link between testing and treatment, so she turned to NASA for her own personal solutions.

That is when she discovered the concept of rebounding. Initially, she purchased inexpensive rebounders just to determine whether she could use one. After breaking two and seeing some positive results, she researched again and discovered the very best rebounder made, bellicon. Knowing this would be a lifelong commitment for her, she ordered it. And as she claims “Wow! The difference between the rebounders I had used and broken - and the bellicon were literally night and day.” That was the beginning of her transformation, and commitment to bellicon.

Not only has her balance improved 50%, but when she does feel she is or might be falling, her reflexes are so much better that she is able to recover and actually prevent falls. This is very important for me as she is going to be 65 years young in August! Deb started becoming a real evangelist for bellicon: as she says “When I find a product that provides results, along with a company that impresses me, I tell everyone I know. Anyone who knows me, knows I research and test everything and recommend only the best. That gives me lots of credibility”. Deb is now an affiliate for bellicon and to be sure she was able to answer to all her clients’ questions and provide the right assistance, she decided to register for the bellicon BASIC certification training and proposed to host it in her Montana DD Ranch in Missoula. And so Master Trainer Tara went out to Montana, taught Deb the bellicon BASIC program and found an amazing student who, although 30 years older than her, was very keen in learning, put all her heart and mind in what she defined to be “a fun, difficult, interesting, enlightening and empowering session” and brilliantly passed her certification test.

Montana DD Ranch in Missoula

Currently, Deb is using her previous business and marketing experience to establish her new small business, Rebound with Deb, to help everyone she comes in contact with improve their lives through rebounding with bellicon. Her training will consist of small, intimate gatherings, whether at the DD Ranch or local businesses, such as her hair salon. While Tara was there, Deb hosted a rebounding open house in her “Yellow Dog Saloon” at the DD Ranch. A dozen ladies, all dressed up in the “western inspired” theme attended the event and Deb was able to sell three bellicon at the party and had several other commitments from other attendees.

Here you see Tara with the guest of honor of the party, Coors the 12 year old yellow lab the “Yellow Dog Saloon” takes its name from.

In July, she is hosting three of her friends from junior high school (Chula Vista, CA), who are going to the DD Ranch for a Ranching, Rebounding, Rafting, Rejuvenating, Relaxing, Reunion & Retreat! And two of these friends, who live in southern California have already purchased their bellicon! Way to go Deb: at bellicon we are so impressed and proud of you! And at bellicon Academy we want more Debs! Have you been inspired by Deb’s story? Would you like to become a trainer and affiliate too?

Contact us at and we will make sure it will happen.

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