Your Running Training Plan For The Indoor Season



Over recent months, an increasing number of people have taken up running in a bid to keep fit, reach new goals and fill additional free time. In fact, various reports have shown a boom in fitness app downloads, running event sign-ups and even trainer sales.  

But, as the colder months set in, it is no excuse to stop and let all your hard work go to waste.  

Now, we understand that waking up at 6am for a pre-work lap around the neighbourhood isn’t the most appealing option, especially on those wet or icy days. So, instead, how about jumpstarting your indoor running training plan with bellicon® rebounder

We know what you’re thinking – how on earth can rebounding help you with running?  

Well, the answer to your question is: in a number of ways – and you don’t just have to take our word for it, either. Women’s Running has just announced the bellicon® rebounder as the best piece of home workout kit.  

But, before we explain why, let’s begin by determining exactly what it is you’re aiming to achieve from your running training plan.  

Set your running goals

It goes without saying, having something to work towards makes doing the work that little bit easier. So, with that in mind, setting yourself a goal will help you stay on track, monitor your progress and maintain motivation, which can dip from time to time and especially when things get tougher – weather conditions included.  

Your indoor training plan, therefore, should support your running objective. Whether that is to increase your stamina to go the extra distance, up your speed to break a personal record or to reach a target weight, it’s all just as achievable indoors as out.  

Get the right equipment for the indoor season

Just as a man is nothing without his tools, an indoor runner is nothing without equipment! But, luckily, there are a few options for the latter, all of which offer different functions and benefits and support various goals.  

Gym machines, including treadmills, rowers and bikes, are popular choices but require permanent space, budget and sound-proof walls, in some instances.  

With a lack of any or all three of these things, many opt for no-equipment home workouts. While convenient and somewhat effective, these can become repetitive and boring, making it easy to lose motivation.  

But, as seen in Women’s Running, bellicon® rebounders can be a great alternative and one that is only growing in popularity. 

Rebounding offers several benefits. For runners, these include:  

Rebounding improves aerobic fitness

In a study published in the Journal of Sports Science, a group of runners were compared to a group of individuals using a rebounder. The study measured the VO2 max, a measurement for the processing of oxygen, of both groups over an eight-week period, during which they exercised three times each week.  

The study found that the VO2 max of the rebounding group increased by 7.82%, whereas the runners’ only by 3.05%. This shows that rebounding can improve aerobic fitness twice as much as running.  

 More efficient fat burning

In the same study, those in the rebounding group experienced an average 31.61% decrease in body fat while those in the running group only lost 20.3%.  

Therefore, if you are a runner who took up exercise to lose fat, rebounding could potentially help you reach your goal sooner.  

Increased vertical jumping ability

With each step you take when running, you are effectively ‘jumping’. Therefore, an exercise that improves your ability to jump is likely to also improve your technique when running.  

Unsurprisingly, rebounding is the perfect way to do just that! Proof of this, the study also found a significant improvement in jumping distance in the rebounder group when compared to the runners.    

What makes the bellicon® the best rebounder?

While these benefits are common for rebounding in general, there are several additional perks that can only be experienced with a bellicon®. 


Rebounders are a more compact alternative to traditional at home gym equipment as they are smaller, portable and do not require connection to an electrical outlet source. But, as well as this, bellicon® rebounders offer so much more.  

Most models are available in multiple frame sizes, meaning you can choose one that fits your space perfectly. Even if you opt for the smallest size, you’ll have to make little to no compromise on the variety of exercises you can perform on it.  

In fact, a comfort mat option is available for all bellicon® rebounder models, which offers 30% more jumping space in the same frame diameter.  

Similarly, most models also come with the option of folding or screw-in legs. While both offer enhanced practicality as the folding ones can be collapsed within seconds for easy storage, and screw-in ones the same, with the addition of an extra couple of minutes, stability and sturdiness remain untouched.  

Best bounce

Perhaps one of the most unique features of bellicon® rebounders is their revolutionary bungee suspension system. Unlike traditional rebounders that have steel springs, the bellicon® bounce is created by innovative bungee cords that are highly elastic and make for a cushioned impact.  

Stretchier than all other rebounders out there, the benefits of the famous bellicon® bounce can be felt instantly. Within the first few seconds of jumping you will feel the softer surface, minimal impact and greater depth of bounces.  

For runners, then, this means your muscles will be engaged for longer, enabling better strengths and fitness related results.  

It also means that people with injuries, whether they are related to running or not, can train and even rehabilitate their ailments during the indoor season. This is thanks to the lower impact of bounces on a bellicon®. The softer landings and maximised elasticity allow for tension and impact to be distributed evenly throughout the body, causing little harm to bones and muscles that may be weakened or fragile.  

In this way, through regular training and the promotion of blood and oxygen movement in the body, injuries and even some long-standing illnesses can be treated by bouncing.

Fully customisable

As you may have guessed with the various size, mat type and leg options, bellicon® models can be customised, which is yet another thing that makes them ideal for your indoor training plan.  

You can tailor yours in order not only to meet your space requirements but also your goals. For example, if you are looking to grow muscles during the winter season, you may opt for a T-bar or support handles, to which you can attach training bands to create the ultimate piece of at home gym equipment.  

Similarly, the strength of the bungees you choose will depend on your current weight, but these can later be swapped when you 

Follow a good diet to support your running training

Now, with a goal in mind and equipment in place, it’s time to start your training. While your daily workout schedule might have changed slightly, it’s important not to let other aspects slip, particularly when it comes to mealtimes.  

Your diet is just as important as any fancy equipment you buy, when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals. Therefore, you may wish to follow a meal plan in order to ensure your body is fuelled with all the right nutrients.  

As well as this, meal planning also saves you time, which we all know is precious! Fortunately, rebounding is a convenient exercise regime, as it can be done anywhere, so long as you have a carry bag to take your rebounder on the go and for only short intervals.  

For example, for someone with a goal to lose weight, bouncing for just 10 minutes in the morning can stimulate your metabolism for the rest of the day.  

As another benefit, planning and preparing your meals in advance helps you to stay on track, which it can be hard to do in the colder months when comfort food is a common craving. But, with healthier options and the right nutrients, you’ll not only see improved results from training but also experience better overall training. 

Keep a running diary 

There’s nothing more demotivating than putting in all this hard work and investment only to think you’re not getting anything from it. While changes in physical appearance and general wellbeing can slow over time, especially when you’ve been training for a long time, that’s not to say they’re not still happening.  

A running diary encourages you keep track of your progress and, when you look back over daily or weekly entries, you’ll certainly see your progress.  

This is even more important as the indoor season begins, as the chances you have to get out there for a winter run might be fewer. Therefore, keeping a diary is a useful way to monitor whether your indoor training plan is in fact working, as you should see better times, distances or experiences with each run, if you are training regularly indoors.   

This will help keep you motivated and raring to go.  

Stick to your running training plan during the indoor season with bellicon®. Customise your unique model today and jump to your next fitness goal!  


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