How Does A Workout On A Springless Trampoline Compare To A Stationary Bike

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With lockdown measures still in force and gyms closed to the public, more people are looking to invest in exercise equipment for their homes to ensure they’re still getting in that much-needed daily/weekly exercise. 

Two very popular choices for home workout gear are springless trampolines and stationary bikes. If you’re in the market for new home gym equipment, you may be wondering how a springless trampoline and stationary bike compare, and which one is right for you and your health and fitness goals. 

To help you on your fitness journey and to make sure you’re getting the right equipment, we’ve written this useful guide to help you make a more informed decision on your next home gym purchase.  

What is a springless trampoline? 

We are all familiar with traditional trampolines with springs. However, springless trampolines replace these metal coils with elastic bands. These resistant yet flexible elastic bands are typically made from a strong material that is difficult to stretch by hand, ensuring they provide optimal support for the user, as well as offering more reliable durability. 

The Benefits Of A Springless Trampoline 

People choose to buy springless trampolines for a variety of reasons and benefits. For example: 

  • Safety concerns – traditional trampoline springs can pose a safety concern. This is because one wrong jump can have you landing on metal coils, either pinching the skin or causing burns if they’ve been exposed to the sun. A springless trampoline is far safer in comparison. As well as this, a springless trampoline reduces the impact to protect your joints. 

  • Aesthetics – overtime, metal springs can experience wear, tear, and rust, making them look unsightly. Springless trampolines, on the other hand, feature sleek and modern designs and are not susceptible to rust. 

  • Superior bounce – springless trampolines take advantage of new technologies to provide a high-quality bounce. The fine-tuned manufacturing process has resulted in a trampoline that can provide a great bounce, use after use. 

  • Allows for low impact exercising – not every form of exercise is recommended for each individual. From health conditions to physical limitations, people need a safer and more enjoyable way to exercise. Springless trampolines can offer exactly that due to the shock-absorbent qualities, reducing the impact on the ankles and knees. 

In addition to this, exercising on a springless trampoline comes with a huge range of health benefits and fitness benefits, such as: 

  • Weight control – 30 minutes of bouncing a day can be done for serious weight loss, whereas just 15 minutes a day can be great for maintaining your weight. 

  • Diabetes – bouncing on a springless trampoline can help to lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure to reduce diabetes complications. 

  • Stress and burnout – exercising releases endorphins which can combat stress and burnout. On top of this, springless trampolines add an extra level of fun to your workout! 

  • Cardio – springless trampoline exercises are a fantastic way to strengthen your heart and increase your cardio training without causing excess pressure on your joints. 

  • Balance – if you’re looking to increase your balance and strengthen your core, then bouncing on a springless trampoline is perfect for you. 

What is a stationary bike? 

A stationary bike is a form of cardiovascular equipment that provided a non-aerobic workout. Designed to be used indoors, stationary bike exercise machines resemble a traditional bike with a seat and handlebars, just without the wheels. Most models provide the ability to increase or decrease the resistance, depending on the user’s current strength and/or goals. 

The Benefits of a stationary bike

There is a range of benefits associated with stationary bikes that makes them a popular choice for home gyms. For example: 

  • Build muscles in the legs – due to the cycling motion, exercising on a stationary bike is perfect for toning and sculpting the muscles in your legs. You can also use other muscle groups, such as abdominal and arm muscles.  

  • Good for the heart – as previously mentioned, exercising is a great way to increase your heart health and strength. Training on a stationary bike can improve your cardio-respiratory capacity.  

  • Lower cholesterol – sports and exercise can help to combat excess cholesterol and promote the good cholesterol in your body, helping you to feel much more fit and healthy. 

What are the main differences? 

While there of course some similarities in the benefits of springless trampolines and stationary bikes, there are also some big differences between the two. For example, there are a plethora of workouts and exercises that can be performed on a springless trampoline but not on a stationary bike. 

Springless trampolines are versatile in their use – meaning they can be used for their intended purpose, such as jumping jacks, jump lunges and speed bounces, as well as being used to support or enhance other traditional workouts, such as push-ups or sit-ups.  

Also, it’s important to note that exercising on a springless trampoline comes with a lower risk of injury. This is due to the low-impact which provides a gentler way to workout. If you do not stretch or warm up properly before you start exercising on a stationary bike, or you overexert yourself, you’re at a higher risk of pulling a muscle.  

How to incorporate both into your fitness routine 

We think that having variety is an important part of a successful fitness routine, therefore, it can be beneficial to you to incorporate both springless trampoline exercises and stationary bike workouts into your regime.  

To be able to do this, you can alternate the days in which you choose to do these forms of exercise throughout the week. Not only can this help you to fit it into your busy schedule, but it can also offer some variety in your workout regime to stop you from getting bored. 

Do you still have some questions about springless trampolining? If so, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions below. 

Common questions when comparing a springless trampoline to a stationary bike

What is different about a springless trampoline? 

Essentially, a springless trampoline does not feature the traditional metal coils/springs that a spring trampoline does. However, it does use durable elastic springs to provide a premium bounce and reliable support. 

Why are springless trampolines better than other types of trampolines? 

A springless trampoline for adults offers far more variety and advantages. For example, you can easily use a springless trampoline in the comfort of your own home for a quick and effective workout any time, any place. 

Check out our complete guide to rebounding to learn all about exercising on springless trampolines and how they can benefit your health and fitness.  

Are springless trampolines bouncier? 

You may be thinking that due to the lack of metal springs that springless trampolines are not bouncy, However, this is not the case! Springless trampolines provide users with a smooth, non-jarring bounce.  

However, you must ensure that you’re purchasing the best springless trampoline to provide the best experience. A bellicon rebounder is the perfect choice, as you can choose from a wide range of models. 

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