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Are New Year's Resolutions Worth Making?
bellicon USA 05.01.2015
Every year, just as the holiday frenzy has died down enough for us to relax and begin the long, arduous post-holiday digestion process, we are hit by the next wave of seasonal responsibility: New Year’s resolutions! Everywhere you turn, the media, bereft of holiday programming, gushes an endless supply of advice about choosing and keeping our resolutions. We, in turn, begin hoping that we’ll find a way to finally make those overdue changes...and that our list of resolutions won’t keep looking like a photocopy of our previous year’s.
A New Year, A New You
bellicon USA 31.12.2014
The New Year brings with it high expectations of wealth, love, happiness and, of course, weight loss. The University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology reports weight loss as the number one New Year's resolution. Unfortunately, the University also reports that only 46 percent of people are still going strong with their resolution at six months. If you want to stick to a resolution, the action you take to pursue your goal must engage and excite you. It must show you results quickly and continuously. Guess what? The bellicon does all of those things.