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The bellicon rebounder training course serves as a foundation for the bellicon HEALTH course.. The BASIC course covers primary exercises on the bellicon® as well as the basics of anatomy, physiology and principles of coaching. 

The online trampoline training course is designed to be completed in the comfort of your home or studio environment. It's an ideal way to learn more about rebounding, whether you're a professioanl trainer or a recreational user.

This course provides an introduction to the history of the bellicon rebounder trampoline, the foundation of bellicon Academy training including a detailed anatomy structure with focus on posture, how to use and care for equipment, the many health benefits of rebounding, access to mini trampoline exercises (with progressions and regressions), how to properly structure a class, how to select music for classes, and marketing / communication advice.

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Individual criteria

This course is open to all interested candidates. Previous experience gained on bellicon® or as a coach or group fitness trainer is advantageous but not required.

Basic anatomical knowledge serves to better understand the theoretical content covered in the course. We also recommend participating in a first aid course.

Course content

  • The bellicon® and its qualities
  • Introduction to bellicon Training
  • Communication
  • Anatomy und Physiology
  • Music tuition
  • Training structure and organisation
  • Numerous practical applications to the respective theoretical content
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Included in the course:

  • bellicon Basic theory manual (digital download)
  • bellicon Basic exercise manual (digital download)
  • free 90 day access to over 100 workout videos, many workout plans and movement exercises


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