Rethinking Rebounding

The world’s premier device for the ultimate fitness class

A picture of a class of particants jumping on bellicon® trampolines in a studio


The bellicon revolutionized mini-trampoline design by creating a bungee-based device that provides fitness benefits superior to jogging, cycling, and just about anything else you can think of…and far beyond ordinary spring-based rebounders. Remarkably, it’s also the most fun total-body workout available, so your clients will be looking forward to your next class whether they know of its world-class fitness and health benefits or not. These benefits include: Cardio, Power, Flexibility, Balance and Relaxation.

Wow your clients, co-workers (and competitors) with the world’s best mini-trampoline and an exercise experience that’s as enjoyable as it is beneficial.

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Fayth Caruso, bellicon Mastertrainer

I have been teaching rebounder training for years and I have used almost every rebounder on the market. Bellicon has surpassed them all. We teach the new Move, Bounce and Circle program from bellicon and our clients love it! All of our classes on the bellicon are full with a waitlist. 

Our clients love the many health benefits associated with rebounding including the fact that it is low impact on the joints, strengthens the core and all cells in the body, improves lymphatic flow and circulation, and builds bone density. 

We have a wide range of physical fitness levels that use them including young adults, high level athletes, and clients above the age of 70. We also use them for pre and post natal work (with doctors approval), post rehab work, arthritis, osteoporosis, lower back pain, balance issues, neuromuscular diseases, weight loss, and cross training for athletes. Most of all - the training on the bellicon is fun for all!

Help your studio to take off with the bellicon®

A picture of a class of particants jumping on bellicon® trampolines in a studio

JustBounce® – the ultimate cell training

Created specifically with the bellicon® in mind, Remy Draaijer’sJustBounce® fitness programme is wildly popular in his home country, the Netherlands. And interest is growing throughout Europe. The concept consists of a variety of movements borrowed from yoga, among other disciplines, that train balance, stamina, strength, coordination and flexibility. Led by JustBounce® trainers, the vibrant classes at Remy’s Zandvoort studio can accommodate up to 40 people.

A picture of a class of particants kneeling on bellicon® trampolines in a studio

D Bounce at Abundio’s Studio

Abundio Munoz, a martial arts champion, established a studio catering to a wide range of fitness disciplines in Fort Worth, Texas. A fusion of pilates, barre, kickboxing and cardio, D Bounce is performed on the world’s best mini trampoline, the bellicon®. As Stephanie Daulton Perry, who created the style says, “It will keep your muscles guessing and develop results almost immediately!” Read more about Abundio’s Studio

What Do I Need To Know To Get Started

Fast return on investment

We offer attractive pricing packages for Studio Owners to ensure that you can realize a fast ROI.

A whole variety of programs

There are countless ways to use the bellicon. If you are not sure how to implement the bellicon into your studio’s programming, we can provide you with insights from successful rebounding programs such as bellicon Move, bellicon Bounce and bellicon Circle.

Ongoing support

We have been working closely with studio owners around North America that incorporate bellicon rebounders into their programs. If you have questions, need advice or best practice sharing, we are here to help.

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