Become a bellicon® HEALTH Instructor

Certified course for bellicon HEALTH & JUMPING


3 days
9:00-18:00 each

Launching price package deal: £399 instead of £525

The bellicon HEALTH course covers two specialization days where the main focus is placed on the health and wellness aspect of bellicon training and its application in this field. In the course you will acquire comprehensive knowledge on how to independently implement diverse bellicon HEALTH training classes. Upon successful completion of the final examination you are certified as a bellicon HEALTH trainer and can perform your own classes.

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Once the education is done there’s no monthly extra license fees! That leaves you with only one investment for the education and then you can save the next for the growth of your business.

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Grab the chance and complete two bellicon educations programmes over an extended weekend. Offer your clients the best possible rebounding classes in two different areas. Expand your client base by offering the bellicon JUMPING classes for fitness and cardio oriented classes and extend your trainings for health and wellbeing focused clients with bellicon HEALTH. 

The Instructor Training takes 3 Days and after this you are able to offer two styles of rebounding classes. Learn the best of what is possible on the unique bellicon mini trampoline. 

Package deal promotion: we have combined the bellicon JUMPING and bellicon HEALTH as one package and offer a special launching price of £399 instead of £525.

Package deal dates:

  • 31 October - 2 November: bellicon® JUMPING (2 Days) + 1 Day bellicon® HEALTH
  • 16-18 January 2021: bellicon® JUMPING (2 Days) + 1 Day bellicon® HEALTH
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bellicon HEALTH Course data

Ein Bild von bellicon Move Teilnehmer und Trainer

Individual criteria

A pre-condition for attending the HEALTH certification is the successful completion of the bellicon Basic Course. Alternatively, you can opt for our package deal and combine the bellicon JUMPING training with the HEALTH training. During the JUMPING education, you'll covers all the basics to successfully finish the course.

In the scope of the bellicon HEALTH training you will surely come into contact with an older generation of particpants. For us it is critical then to emulate a sensitive approach to the participants and their needs. 

Course content

  • Various practical lessons
  • Class layout
  • Prevention
  • Specialization:
    Posture, stance & coordination
    Pelvis and back
    Shoulders, arms and upper back
  • Personal Coaching
  • Ergonomics
  • Nutrition


  • Theoretical content
  • Practical HEALTH exam


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