RELIEVE, RESTORE, RENEW with Rebounding Therapy

A unique addition to your medical practice

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At bellicon®, we know that ‘health’ begins with the need to heal  

What is rebounding therapy? 

Rebounding therapy describes the use of trampolines to enhance movement and positioning in order to treat, heal, reduce and rehabilitate certain injuries, symptoms and illnesses.  

As well as physical conditions, rebounding therapy can also be used to treat learning disabilities and sensory deficits in people of all ages, including children.  

A mini trampoline allows patients and professionals to carry out rebounding therapy sessions conveniently in the home or at medical practices. And, with the unique low-impact design of our bellicon® models, rebounding therapy is that much more effective and accessible.

Benefits of rebounding therapy

Rebounding therapy can improve both physical function and learning and sensory development in patients. Gentle on joints, rebounding allows you to perform a number of movements and exercises that have proven effective in treating a range of problems spanning lower back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, lymphoedema and much more. 

Rebounding improves cardiovascular fitness, balance, posture and coordination, and strengthens bones and muscles. But, best of all, the enjoyable nature of rebounding makes the road to recovery a little easier.   

In collaboration with Rebound Therapy, the official training course provider and consultancy for rebounding therapy, therapists can now become certified practitioners of the therapeutic exercise through successful completion of an education program. This fantastic training course can also educate and certify therapists working with people with special needs. 

bellicon® expert Dr. Jean-Paul Pianta

Dr. Jean-Paul Pianta, President of the German Chiropractic Academy

“The bellicon is the best possible product for healthy, safe exercise. It counters the negative gravitational effects that can come from walking or running. This miracle product can also be used effectively by any age group.

For children, it helps their neurological development, coordination and balance. The gravitational forces involved will also increase a child’s bone density. When used by adults and seniors, whose cartilage, tendons, muscles and ligaments have begun to lose their elasticity, there are no negative micro-traumas to their joints because the bouncing absorbs their body weight so gently.

To sum up, regular use of the bellicon increases flexibility and stimulates mobility throughout the entire body, helping to prevent premature aging, stiffness and slows the progression of degenerative changes.”

Dr Jean-Paul Pianta got his PHD 1971 from Palmer College, USA.

A unique addition to your medical practice  

We offer attractive pricing packages and payment options for Therapists to accommodate tight budgets.

A Wide Range of Uses

There are countless ways to use the bellicon with patients. If you would like to know more, we offer insights from other Physical and Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors and healthcare specialists.

Start Your Trial Period

Are you interested but not 100% convinced? Try a bellicon® and if you or your patients aren’t satisfied, just send it back and we’ll refund your purchase price!  We’re confident that once you experience its benefits, it will become an essential component of your practice.

Ongoing support

We have been working closely with Therapists around North America who have incorporated bellicon rebounders into their programs. If you have questions, need advice or information, we are here to help.

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