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The bellicon Circle exercise program is literally a HIIT, namely a high intensity interval training based on a partner format where mutual motivation and inducement play an integral part in driving the individual to exceed his or her limits. The classes are given on the bellicon® rebounder. This regime is a versatile total body workout geared to expand muscle mass and thus tailored to overwhelmingly athletic participants. Power, endurance, coordination and timed sequences are amongst the integral elements characteristic of a bellicon Circle session.

bellicon Circle training

For whom Is this class suitable?

The bellicon Circle exercise regime is a practical high intensity circle training primarily suited to people who generally exude a raised level of fitness. The weight here is literally placed on power requisite exercise components applied in conjunction with the bellicon® trampoline. The Circle will undoubtedly bring you to and consequently raise you up above your limits.

focal points

  • Partner workout
  • Muscle growth
  • Circle training
  • Overcome physical limits
  • High intensity
  • Body defining
  • Decrease body fat

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    bellicon circle exercise

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    bellicon Circle exercise
    bellicon Circle exercise
    bellicon Circle exercise


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