A bellicon Active Station turns any area of your workplace into a mini fitness studio.

Eine Frau trainiert auf dem bellicon an der Active Station im Büro.


Instead of just standing around waiting for coffee to brew or pages to print, a nearby Active Station can transform those wasted minutes into an invigorating fitness break. The bellicon engages your entire body so efficiently that even short sessions will noticiably improve your workday. Because these “mini-workouts” don’t take long, many people can enjoy the benefits from a single Active Station. Whether that's at home or in the office.

Online Training Platform

bellicon Home, our online training program designed specifically for the bellicon, will add virtual fitness training to your Active Station. The platform features hundreds of great workout videos as well as an all-in-one virtual trainer that can customize a plan just for you, track your progress and guide you, jump-by-jump, to the best shape of your life.

The bellicon Home video platform helps you condition your entire body by converting gravity into a cardio-boosting, muscle-toning, fat-burning workout that improves balance, strengthens bones and increases flexibility without straining muscles or joints. It’s the perfect, all-in-one solution for getting in shape and staying there. 

"I use the bellicon several times a day when I need to relay. It gets me refreshed and fit and the tension problems in my neck just disappear"
- Sandra, customer

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