All the movement you need without leaving your desk.

Ein Mann sitzt, steht und schwingt auf dem bellicon am Schreibtisch

Combined with a standing desk, a bellicon Dynamic Workspace provides the movement and muscular engagement that standing desks alone can’t give you. The bellicon’s pliable surface and gentle suspension keep your body activated and your mind alert, jumpstarting your health and productivity without interrupting your workflow. And because it only takes moments to swap between your bellicon and your chair, your work never misses a beat.

Another effective option is to keep your bellicon beside your desk for short “micro workouts.” Just a few minutes of bouncing at intervals throughout the day reverses the lethargy and health problems caused by sitting. Doing a little bouncing while listening to your messages or making a call may not seem like much, but it can have an enormous impact on your day and your long-term health and wellbeing.

Take a quick break and recharge yourself

Lifts your spirits
Bouncing is a natural mood-enhancer. The increased blood flow, oxygen, and endorphins make you feel young again.

Helps you focus
Significantly improves mental abilities, boosts productivity and enhances creativity.

Reduces stress
The gentle bouncing relieves muscle tension and soothes stress in your body and your mind.

Increases energy
The lift to your metabolism continues throughout the day, keeping you fresh, alert and preventing the “hibernation mode” that sitting creates.

Eine Frau trainiert auf dem bellicon Minitrampolin in einem Anzug vor einem Schreibtisch

Revitalizes your health
Fortifies your body from head to toe, particularly your heart, bones, vascular system and digestion.

Protects you from disease
Gentle g-forces dramatically increase lymphatic circulation, cleansing your body of toxins, viruses and bacteria.

Gets you fit
It’s the world’s most efficient fitness device. Whether you bounce a little for your health or a lot for peak athletic perfor- mance, the bellicon makes it easy to achieve your goals.