Using the bellicon for your lessons and improve strength and flexibility

Personal training with bellicon

The bellicon® rebounder is a unique addition to your  personal training lessons. Unlike any regular rebounder, the bellicon® is made with bungees, which makes the device joint friendly and ideal for cardio, flexibility and strength training.

Add more possibilities to your trainings with this new and fun way to help your patients reach their fitness goals. The dynamic movement is great for stablisation, inner muscle training, and more. Discover why therapists worldwide have successfully implemented the bellicon in their practice. In addition, the bellicon® is the only rebounder in the world which was awarded the AGR back-friendly seal of approval and is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

Bringing bellicon into your studio:

  • Attractive discounts for Personal Trainers
  • Financing options
  • A fully customisable product to match your clients' needs
  • Available with support bars
  • High rate of returning clients
  • Outstanding warranty
  • Excellent customer service support

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