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Rebound therapy for kids with the bellicon

The phrase "Rebound Therapy" was coined by the founder, E.G. Anderson, in 1969 to describe the use of trampolines in providing therapeutic exercise and recreation for people with a wide range of special needs.

Participants range from mild to severe physical disabilities and from mild to profound and multiple learning disabilities, including dual sensory impairment and autistic spectrum. 

Rebound Therapy is used to facilitate movement, promote balance, promote an increase or decrease in muscle tone, promote relaxation, promote sensory integration, improve fitness and exercise tolerance, and to improve communication skills. 

bellicon is happy to announce the collaboration with Rebound Therapy which is the official UK body and international consultancy for Rebound Therapy. They are responsible for the development and delivery of certificated training courses throughout the UK.

Expert Paul Kaye


"Most rebounders on the market have a bounce that is too hard for the clients we work with. We found that the bellicon® rebounder with its elastic cables and slower, softer bounce is an ideal product for our purposes.

Rebound Therapy is the practice of using trampolines to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for a very wide range of disabilities; from profound and complex learning and physical disabilities through to multi sensory impairment and autism.

Flex-Bounce Therapy is the perfect complement to Rebound Therapy, and can also be provided as a stand alone activity.

Benefits of the Flexi-Bounce Therapy programme on the bellicon® include: facilitation of movement, promotion of balance, relaxation, promotion of sensory integration, improvement in communication skills among others."

Please read Paul's findings here

Flexi-Bounce Therapy


Flexi-Bounce Therapy: an overview of the exercises in the Flexi-Bounce Therapy development programme, featuring the bellicon rebounder.

Do you want to learn how to provide Flexi-Bounce Therapy at home for your child through instructions and video tutorials? Become certified by Flexi-Bounce Therapy with this online training course:

bellicon Flexi-Bounce course
bellicon plus with frame cushion

The perfect combination

The bellicon® Plus is the recommended bellicon® for Flexi Bounce Therapy at home.

In combination with a frame cushion, you'll give yourself some peace of mind.

Our thick, foam frame cushion offers extra protection for anyone who expects to have children using their bellicon®. Available in nine colors and three sizes to fit any frame.

The bellcion is an «Approved Product Supplier» for Flexi-Bounce Therapy.

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