bellicon® bungees: Our jump on the competition

It’s all about the bungees

5 elastic bungee rings in orange, green, pink, silver and black

With rebounders, the magic is in the suspension – it’s where the wow is. At bellicon, we understand this, which is why we’ve been systematically refining our patented bungee-based system since 1995 and offer them in five very different strengths now. It’s a hard act to follow.

Like chalk and cheese

Comparing steel-spring trampolines and the bellicon® rebounder

Comparison of the bellicon® bungee trampoline to a metal spring unit

Comparison between spring-based mini trampolines and the bellicon® bungee rebounder

One glance at a bellicon® rebounder and you’ll see the difference. Instead of the hard, squeaky metal springs found on conventional mini trampolines, the bellicon® boasts a sophisticated suspension system – our patented bungee cords. They make for an incomparably buoyant and blissful bounce you have to feel to believe.

That’s because, compared to steel springs, our bungees stretch further to slow you to a soft, virtually silent landing on the mat. What’s more, these highly elastic cords store the energy absorbed during deceleration and return it almost in full, accelerating you upwards. You couldn’t ask for a gentler, more dynamic bounce cycle.

While cushioning any impact on your back and joints, this incredibly springy bounce offers a wealth of benefits for mind, body and soul. No stats can do justice to the glow of happiness that comes over you within a few moments of hopping on a bellicon®. Some think it triggers unconscious memories of being in the womb or cradle. That’s the real difference – it takes only a few bounces to know which trampoline is trumps.

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bellicon in instalments

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Getting our molecules to fall in line

How bellicon® bungees go further

Since various other manufacturers have now also jumped on the bungee bandwagon, you might be led to believe that a bungee is a bungee, right? Wrong. The superior elasticity of bellicon® cords is the result over 20 years’ systematic research and development. Take a closer look and you’ll see the difference that you can definitely feel.

a cross section view of the bellicon® high performance bungee rings

bellicon® bungees are simply stretchier. That might not sound very scientific, but plenty of research went into making it happen. The result is polymer molecules that extend more evenly and further. So when elongated, they look something like this:

Fully stretched bellicon® bungee

a full stretch representation of the polymer molecular structure of a bellicon® bungee ring

Because ordinary rubber molecules don’t line up as neatly (see below), they can’t all pull as efficiently in the same direction. That means less elasticity.

Fully stretched ordinary bungee

a full stretch representation of the molecular structure of a traditional bungee ring

the best bounce for your health

grafic representation of a microscope

Knowing the bungee ropes

At bellicon, we believe that you deserve the world’s best mini trampoline. And we spare no effort or expense in making it. There’s a lot more to bungee technology than meets the eye. Which is why we spend so much time glued to microscopes developing the materials and processes to produce a better bungee. So all you’ll know is the joy of jumping.

Metal spring rebounder

No springs attached

Most mini trampolines still reflect the eighties-style metal spring technology. At bellicon, we’re not that easily satisfied. In our drive to overcome the spring’s performance limitations, we’ve redesigned the rebounder from the ground up. For you, your health and more fun when exercising.

soft bouncing on the bellicon®

Put extra muscle into your workout

The measure of a rebounding workout is the depth of your bounce. That’s because the lower you go, the longer your muscles are engaged. With this in mind, we designed our bungees to stretch up to three times their original length and paired them with frames almost twice the height (14 inches) of conventional mini trampolines. The result is a deeper, smoother movement – the brawnier bellicon® bounce.

new: bellicon payment plan!

Pay in convenient, interest free monthly instalments

Fulfill your wish for a bellicon® mini trampoline immediately and pay conveniently in monthly instalments. In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB we now offer customers in the UK and Northern Ireland the option to pay in 3x instalments in our online shop.

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High or low – it’s all good

On mini trampolines, as in life, what goes up must come down. It’s how you move between the two – what’s called the bounce cycle – that separates an ordinary rebounder from a bellicon®. For the healthiest rebounding experience, the acceleration on rising to the apex of a bounce should be exactly matched by the deceleration before bottoming out.

We’ve spent years smoothing out the ups and downs of the bellicon® bounce so that your body gets all the benefits of perfectly balanced, flowing movement.

Compare the bounce cycles for jogging on a bellicon®, on a conventional spring-based trampoline and road running.

Impact on your body compared between the bellicon, a spring-based trampoline and the pavement

Soft landings

Coming back down to earth has never been sweeter

At bellicon, we catch you gently on the rebound. Our exceptionally elastic bungees fully absorb the impact of your landing. Unlike on conventional mini trampolines, there’s no nasty jolt at the bottom of the bounce. Considering how many times you hit the mat when rebounding, your joints will thank you for a bellicon®.

The world’s best suspension system is just the beginning. Our commitment to quality extends to every facet of the bellicon® – from the top-grade materials used all the way to our uncompromising workmanship. It’s all part of making every bounce on a bellicon® a jump for joy. See for yourself. Just 20 minutes on your mini trampoline will make you feel like a whole new person – revitalised and invigorated.

Gentle exercising on the bellicon® mini trampoline

Care instructions

bellicon® bungees are also subject to particularly high wear forces by their great elasticity. A material that is constantly stretched in training to up to 250% of the original length must be able to withstand a lot of friction. For this purpose our bungees are well prepared, as only the highest quality materials are used both inside and outside. Nevertheless, it is - for example in the soles of your shoes or car tyres – inevitable that the bungees wear out eventually.

So you always have an evenly balanced and dynamic swing on your bellicon®, we recommend private users to exchange all the rope rings after about 18 to 24 months, depending on usage, but at the latest when the following signs of wear appear: the braid of the bungees is worn through or you swing down to the floor.

As the friction of the bungees is always highest at the support points of the frame and mat hooks, you can increase the durability of the bungees noticeable by slightly turning the ropes continuously every few weeks, so that other points come into contact with the contact points.

Do not leave your bellicon® too long time in the sun or in the rain. Both accelerate the ageing of the bungees unnecessarily. At temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, the elasticity of the bungees decreases significantly and the wear increases.

To clean, wipe the bungees only with a damp cloth without the addition of detergents or chemicals. During your training, depending on the training intensity, signs of abrasion may occur on the frame. Such signs of abrasion should be removed periodically with a soft sponge and soapy water if necessary from the frame, so that the wear does not increase.

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