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Totally Smitten. My Bellicon honeymoon will last forever.
Carole Hawkins 26.11.2020
Buy a Bellicon Rebounder, you will not regret it. They are worth the price tag. They live up to the reviews. Your health will benefit. You will get fitter, destress, have fun and you'll feel like you can tackle anything the day delivers.

Having just purchased my Bellicon, I wish I’d bought one years ago. After twelve days of using this robust, well-made product. I know it is one of ...
More than just exercise
Andreea 24.10.2020
I've been re-bounding for almost an year now - on average 2-3 times a week. I enjoyed it, but my previous rebounder was extremely noisy (due to its metallic bungees) and stiff.
When I bought the Bellicon, I just wanted to ensure the noise is reduced / goes away. Now it's not just about exercise, but also about pleasure.
I sometimes feel like a kid jumping on the bed - it's so soft and ...
As a long time rebounder fan I wish I upgraded sooner!
nimi raja 09.10.2020
I've been a long time re-bounder fan, but only just upgraded to Bellicon. It is brilliant and I wish I had done it sooner. Quiet, robust and you can design it to your own spec giving it that personlised touch that makes you want to work out more! Their online workout platform is great, a real range of workouts, love that all the trainers are so different, and in different places around the ...
trampoline yellow with black and gray rubber bands, super beautiful!!!!!!
Ludovica Barassi 06.10.2020
Thank you very much!! My fantastic trampoline has arrived and a little bit of sunshine too. Here it rains very often, there are huge puddles and a lot of mud, for days it is impossible to walk. Since I have to move to be physically and mentally well, now I'm happy, I have my trampoline and I can happily jump dry with my big old dog looking at me and ...
David Turner 30.07.2020
I am 77, my wife 76 and both do our best to keep fit and healthy. My wife came across an article about the health benefits of bouncing for the elderly and, after a lot of research, settled on buying a Bellicon Plus.
We were not disappointed, the improvements to general fitness, balance and keeping joints supple are immediately obvious. The Bellicon itself is so well designed and engineered and ...
The BEST!! 🤩🥳
Zoe T 31.07.2020
Wow wow wow what an experience!!! Not only was the whole purchase a complete breeze with super super speedy delivery - the actual product is outstanding, pure genius in design and it looks so beautiful and at home in your living room, dining room, study, bedroom, wherever! It is not your average bit of kit!

And then there is the BOUNCE!! Wow.. it’s light, fluffy, your whole body just wants ...
bellicon rebounder/osteoporosis
Beverley Gross 04.08.2020
I had a hyperactive thyroid which caused osteoporosis. I was on medication ifor 10 years. My friend recommended bellicon rebounder. I came off of medication and I was DEXA scanned over a few years. Insisting that I was given a chance to recover naturally. My osteoporosis stabalised using the bellicon. I am thankful to my bellicon ...
I feel balanced and I sleep better
Maureen Higson 06.07.2020
My Bellicon arrived well before the expected time, and was so easy to assemble,
it looks attractive and sturdy,..climbing aboard, it was so easy to use, smooth and steady. The thing that pleased me most was all the 'gunge' that had built up through being Locked down cleared after my first session. I could breath better, and felt clearer in my body. and balanced!! I do sleep better too !! this ...
Most Amazing Exercise and Excellent Customer Service
Mini 15.07.2020
I have always been a fit person and enjoy working out but over the last couple of years I have developed sore and tender knees, painful hips and more recently planar fasciitis. All these ailments meant that I had to stop exercising until I came across the bellicon. After a phone call with Ian, where he answered all my questions and was extremely helpful, my mind was set…I had to buy a ...
Has stood the test of time and absolutely worth the price
Beth S. 18.07.2020
I've had my Bellicon for maybe 5 may be longer. When I purchased it, the price tag was a bit tough to swallow, but I did not want a run-of-the-mill trampoline made somewhere in Asia, that I would most likely need to replace within a year or so anyway, and could potentially compromise my knees. So thankful that I bit the bullet and went with a Bellicon.
The on-line classes are ...