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Customer service has been very good
Graham 15.06.2020
I purchased a rebounder which has been excellent.
Customer service has been very good when I wanted to order some spare parts. ...
In one week I feel better
Carol Stephenson 16.06.2020
I am an elderly person and was a bit nervous that I would not be able to use the Bellicon rebounder. I had nothing to worry about. In one week I feel better, look better and all my muscles have tightened up. My balance has improved also. I have never had so much fun, bouncing up and down on my rainbow coloured rebounder. Absolutely love it. One of my best ever purchases. ...
I absolutely and utterly love it!
Gabriela John - Chirila 21.06.2020
It has been a week since I have received my Bellicon and I absolutely and utterly love it! I was slightly apprehensive whereas I will enjoy this type of activity not having used trampoline exercise before, however, from the first bounce I felt that this was a great decision and investment for health and wellbeing.

The bounce on Bellicon is so wonderfully smooth and pleasant!

Thank you very ...
The most efficient form of exercise known to humans
Nick Sestic 03.06.2020
I am the happy owner of a bellicon originally i felt was overpriced i was wrong in fact you get more than you pay for the customer service is seamless and faultless the bellicon is a state of the art bespoke device the rolls royce of all rebounders superior to any rebounder in the world it was devised by NASA to train astronauts it is the most efficient form of exercise known to humans the ...
Best thing I've ever bought myself
Jessica 10.06.2020
If you're in doubt about spending money on a rebounder, then please be reassured that you can't go wrong with a Bellicon. I'm one of those people that does a ton of research and I looked at all the reviews and testimonials. I ended up buying the classic 44inch Bellicon with folding legs. I can honestly say that I'm so happy I took the plunge and splurged as it's the best thing I could have ever ...
Just buy it!
Dot Hamilton 10.06.2020
When I was very much younger I did trampolining at school (I was crazy about the teacher 😊 ) and have always retained a love if it (and him ❤️😂). I am not a natural exerciser, I can be really lazy but the Bellicon rebounder is a game changer for me, exercise that is fun, what a concept? I now have a few health conditions one of which is bronchial and the daily bouncing keeps my chest ...
Julieann Whitehouse 11.06.2020
Hello all you boncers out there. I just wanted to take the time in writing this message. I was in desperate need of another Bellicon as my other one was elsewhere but I needed it really fast. I contacted Bellicon direct and spoke to a lovely man named Ian who stated they would do their very best to sort me out. I ordered my new Rainbow one on Monday and I would like to say it arrived this ...
The best workout I've experienced in my 34 years!
Elisabeth 25.05.2020
I recently received my beautiful Classic (112cm) orange bellicon and I am in love with it! I told my husband the other day that it is the best thing that I have ever bought. It provides me with a fun, energising and uplifting workout, and my three year old daughter is also an enormous fan. I bought it so that I could work out at home as my gym is closed due to corona virus, but I am SO pleased ...
I just wanted to say thank you
Paul Dickinson 28.03.2020
I just wanted to say thankyou, my rebounder arrived as promised , during these very difficult and testing times !!! ...
I'm in LOVE!!!!
Sherry 07.04.2020
I'm in love of course with my new 44" Bellicon! I've had it about 4 weeks and use it daily. I feel spoiled now with how kind it is on my joints that I try to accomplish my entire workout on it. I am 46 years old and over weight and literally feel like my body has had a major transformation. Not only has the weight been dropping off me with proper diet, but my allergies are non-existent, my ...