W.H. 21.01.2015

After a "lumbago" more than 5 years ago, on my doctor's advice, we started bouncing on a trampoline. He told me how to use it to train the smallest muscles directly on the spine. Initial purchase: a €50 trampoline at the supermarket. Then I bought a Trimilin in a sports shop, which was not bad, but still too hard in retrospect.

When visiting relatives in Germany, we tried their bellicon® and WOW – what an effect. We felt a huge difference. We immediately sold the Trimilin and bought a bellicon®.

Today we have 2 bellicon® at home because of the weight differences between Renate and me. We have been bouncing on it for over 4 years now, almost every day for up to 30 minutes – mostly in the morning. It strengthens the whole body, but above all, the lower back problems have gone. No more calcareous shoulder pain, and Renate can move her shoulder again after the operation. And Renate loves it because her pelvic floor was also trained. Even a slight headache in the morning can be dealt with wonderfully. Oh, and by the way, we are still eating everything we used to, maintaining our weight with it very easily!

Conclusion: investing in our health is worth around €0.50 per day. And the bellicon® is the only device that we have continuously been using for so many years.

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