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Leslie 28.07.2018

I have had my rebounder since Nov 2017, but have been using it 5 - 6 days/week for 40 minutes since Jan 2018, when I signed up for a video subscription. I have struggled with finding an exercise routine that I could stick with and am thrilled that the bellicon has worked out the way it has. I was inspired to start rebounding after I went back to grad school at age 56 and began to feel the physical impact of burying my nose in books, including weight gain, leg cramps, decreased energy and loss of flexibility.

I am happy to say that thanks to all of the video instructors, I have lost 12 pounds (and counting) and have my energy and flexibility back. I can honestly say I look forward to exercising! I love the bellicon because I can use it throughout all seasons; maintaining a routine is important for me. And, it's great, too, because we live in a one bedroom apartment and my 44" rebounder fits perfectly into my small bedroom and, because of the folding legs, a snap to set up.

Many thanks to "my" instructors: Arnita, Jeremy, Sarah, Fayth, Stephanie, Daisy and Remy. I am so grateful (my husband is too, because he was worried about my health). It was worth investing in a superior product.

Tags: Training, energy, legs
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