Feels so good!

Bounce Babe 14.07.2016

I have the Bellicon Premium 49". I love it. I am 51 years old and bought the Strong bungees as I am 120 pounds. The bounce feels so smooth and wonderful compared to my other cardio workouts! I got the folding legs too which are great for when I want to pull my Bellicon outside. Sometimes I do a longer bounce as my only workout, and then sometimes, I tack it onto one of my Cathe workouts. I rebound at least twice a day even if it is just two of the shorter 360 workouts. I LOVE the Bellicon 360 workouts (great variety on intensity and duration). Faythe and Jeremy are both great instructors and give good safety cues and reminders. It is nice that Bellicon gives you a free year of using those videos. I do wish the Bellicon came in a nice bright purple though. But I got the blue with the Blue/Green bungees and that was a nice combination. I'd highly recommend the Bellicon rebounder. BEST REBOUNDER OUT THERE!

Tags: workout, rebound
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