Accident Recovery on My Marshmallow Jumpy Toy!

Candace Suarez 23.03.2014

My whole body is so happy when I am bouncing on my bellicon!

As a person with a chronic disability (from a car accident 5 years ago) attempting to implement an exercise routine this is nothing short of a miracle.

Several years ago my Naturopath suggested I might want to use a rebounder - stating that my health could improve if I were to use one. I went to a local sports equipment store and purchased a spring rebounder. I used it for two weeks – bouncing lightly for 3 – 5 minutes a few times per day. I was achy and believed it to be the results of beginning a new exercise routine. However, when I went to my next chiropractic visit – still feeling quite achy all over - my doctor determined I had dislocated a rib, my hip joints and my neck; she recommended I not use the rebounder I had bought anymore. Ouch!

Thus began my search for a better piece of exercise equipment; still wanting the overall health benefits of a rebounder I happened upon the bellicon website. I was immediately impressed with the reviews and the vast difference in the construction between the bellicon’s spring free, bungee cord, style and the spring mini trampoline I had used that ended up causing some serious injuries. However, I was still a bit shy to try a rebounder again since I could still feel the aches from bouncing on my spring trampoline.

After a period of time reading reviews, watching videos and becoming educated I saved up and bought a bellicon and I have not been disappointed at all. In fact, not only has using my bellicon daily been a dream come true (of wanting to find and stick with an exercise routine since my car accident), it has helped me become healthier overall; enough so I can now take up my old love of walking for exercise again. Indeed, I now find I can walk 3-5 times per week – for 20 – 30 minutes at a stretch, and this was after only using the bellicon for 1 month – bouncing… lightly…. for 3 minutes 2x per day. Before the bellicon I tried several times in the last few years to get back to an exercise routine and was not strong enough to do so.

The staff at bellicon are extremely helpful, friendly and amazingly knowledgeable about their product. I felt very safe discussing my health challenges and concerns, and their responses were genuine and they guided me to properly use the bellicon. Buying the bellicon has dramatically improved my ability to function, exercise overall, and become healthier than I have been in years. I love my bellicon… it is like bouncing on a Marshmallow, and this has enabled me to no longer fear exercise. In fact I have nicknamed it: my new jumpy toy, and feel like I am playing instead of exercising. Thank you, bellicon, for an excellent product, all the help and education you provide, and for putting the fun back into getting healthy again!!!

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