Christina 02.09.2014

I decided to buy A Bellicon rebounder after researching them and being that is was voted the most quiet rebounder that made my decision easy. I loved the look and the options Bellicon had to offer, especially the payment options. I received my Classic Bellicon very soon after ordering over the phone. The customer service was outstanding!

I've been using my Bellicon every day that I can, anywhere from 20 mins up to a total of 1-1/2 hrs per day. I'm obsessed with jumping whether it be my own made up routine or following the videos that Bellicon has included. Any and every workout is beneficial. I noticed a difference within the first few days! I could see my overall body appearing more toned, even seeing more definition in my abs. My legs, buns and even my arms (yes even my ARMS!) were more toned, lifted and muscular. In my opinion, the rebounder replaces any need for a gym membership. This is the only piece of equipment that I need. It was well worth every penny and probably the best purchase that I've made within my 35 years.

My overall energy level has increased, especially if I rebound first thing in the morning! I've all seen my cramping at that time of the month decrease dramatically!!! I really can't say enough about my Bellicon and I suggest that if you have any doubts about your purchase, read these testimonials because you will be amazed yourself!!! You will see huge benefits in a short period of time. I prefer a high energy workout on my Bellicon including a combination of jumps, kicks and twists.

Thank you Bellicon for changing my life!!!!!

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