Incredible for lymph system - buying another one

Chuck 19.12.2013

My wife came home about a month ago with a bellicon rebounder saying it would help release toxins in her lymph system. Skeptical, but supportive, I now am in amazement every time she jumps. Last night we came home from dinner, which normally would be too full to exercise. She stepped on her rebounder, was just lightly bouncing by barely rolling up on her feet without actually the feet leaving the rebounder while music played and we talked casually. After less than 10 minutes, her palms were bright red from the blood flow and activity excitation of her lymph system. I'm in constant amazement every time I see it in action. On other more rigorous workout days, she is adapting to doing core body strength exercises including bouncing in a sit-up position and cardio levels I have not seen her sustain in any other exercise format. She has never had an exercise that she can do so conveniently, in such short time and with proven effects like her lymph system responses. It also brightens her mood in 5 minutes. She never gets off without smiling.

She described to me about the reputation bellicon had and the engineering principles behind it versus other's that look similar. After feeling and seeing it first hand, it is the absolute best money we have ever spent. I would never compromise on this technology. It definitely is not "just a bungee cord". We are not wealthy by any stretch, but I just ordered her the 39" to take traveling on the holidays and am picking it up this afternoon. Shhh...don't tell her.

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