Lots of fun and great for the kids

Dan, Coral, Job & Bel 18.09.2013

Where's the best place to take your kids in Chicago after a 5.5 hr car ride? Either the stairwell of the Willis Tower, or the Bellicon shop! They didn't stop bouncing for 30 minutes, after which John offered them water and they started over again ;)

10 days of ownership, but I don't have a "Before/After" photo, but I do know the kids & mommy fight over it (I just throw them off, so it's not really a fight) and we gleefully use it throughout the day like a bunch of gummy-bears! My wife uses it before bed and has found that it helps her fall asleep faster... didn't see that one coming but not bad! Thanks to John for working to get us the perfect model that we'll use happily for a looooong time! We highly recommend the bellicon staff for customer service, rebounders, and babysitting!

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