Denise 22.08.2014

I am excited to report that I LOVE my new Bellicon Rebounder!

Working in the medical world I valued the opportunity to speak with a professional that has experience with the physical therapy side of things.

At age 52, I have experienced weakness that just happens with age in spite of regular exercise of swimming, elliptical & walking. I was also worried about joint pain & due to the cost of the Bellicon I research for 6 mos. before making my purchase. I tried a few cheaper mini trampolines but experience ankle pain! This made me skeptical...I find that the rebounding workout is FUN & much easier than other workouts it's also much more effective! I have had no ankle pain in spite of my aggressive workouts!

After just one week my pelvic floor muscles have become competent! Way beyond any keg-gel exercise has ever helped in the past!

My Bellicon experience has been excellent from my first phone call to the prompt shipping to the ease of working with an excellent DVD!

Thank you Bellicon! I look forward to many years of fun & good health! Please let me know if this did not come through very well, as it looks a bit movie on my phone

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