This miracle product can fit any age group

Dr. Jean-Paul Pianta 23.03.2014

The bellicon is in my eyes the best possible product to exercise efficiently. This miracle product can fit any age group. It eliminates the negative effects of gravity encountered in walking and running. At the same time, the pressures are profitable for the ossification and the building of bone density. Later in life when the cartilage, tendons, muscles and ligaments start to lose their elasticity, there are no negative micro-traumas on the various joints because of the gentle bouncing that absorbs the body weight. For children, it helps their neurological development and coordination in space and balance.

Regular use of the bellicon provide movement and stimulate mobility for all structures of the body, as logical consequences plays a positive role against premature aging, stiffness and slows down degenerative changes.

We highly recommend the bellicon.

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