Never again another Trampoline

Elke Rudenauer 23.03.2014

I love my bellicon trampoline!

For eight years I have jumped on different mini trampolines daily, except when I was on vacation or sick. In this time I have used 4 different mini trampolines:

The first one was a cheap trampoline – and it was quickly obvious to me and my back, that I needed a brand name trampoline.

As I wanted to utilize the high body and mental effects of training on a trampoline in a short amount of time, I spent a little more money on a mini tramp with metal springs. But I realized soon, that my back did not feel very good with that either.

I did not give up and bought another spring trampoline with softer lining of the same brand, and I continued my morning routine.

At some point I heard of the bungee-trampoline from bellicon, and I had a test device shipped. I stepped onto the bellicon, and I had a feeling like I was on cloud 9. I knew immediately that I would never ever move on to another trampoline again. In Germany we would call it the "Mercedes among the mini trampolines." I could not wait to get my own bellicon.

Even my 13 and 16 year-old boys can't resist the fun-factor of the bellicon and continuously use it. Recently I stepped for a moment onto my old brand name spring-trampoline and thought – “no, I can’t do that anymore!” Once on a bellicon, always on a bellicon!

So I enjoy my daily 15-20 minutes of morning excercise on my bellicon, regardless of the weather, with good music, and every cell of my body is happy!

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