Happy Hopper

Ginavee 02.04.2016

I discovered an exercise that I really love! Jumping makes me happy! I jump when I get home from work to get the kinks out and I jump as soon as I wake up to get my body moving- I am usually very stiff in the morning and after jumping I find relief. I start out very gently and move into more strenuous repetitions, but all the while smiling! It doesn't matter how long I jump, whether it's a few minutes or 30- I get that instant helping of happiness! So fun! The Bellicon quality really makes a difference as I never was all that excited about rebounding before- Years ago I owned a cheap spring one that barely cleared the floor and I ended up giving it to the kids to play on and never thought I would revisit it. I heard about the health benefits of lymph stimulation and of course I wanted to firm up my thighs- which I'm still looking forward to - but the emotional wellness I have experienced makes the journey towards the physical so much more rewarding and less of a chore. In just 2 weeks Bellicon has already enhanced my life. I will soon be utilizing the be360 site and am looking forward to that! Thank you!

Tags: exercise, jumping
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