I just bought my 2nd Bellicon...

Casey Kinn 04.06.2014

I just bought my 2nd Bellicon(. 44 classic w/ folding legs) to back up my premium 49'er that I've owned for 3 years.... In a very special way the Bellicon has somewhat changed my life for the better that no other exercise/ piece of equipment has been able to do and it is one of my most prized possessions that I currently own and am happy to now own a smaller one for travel purposes... I would seriously sacrifice my flat screen tv and my mountain bike before I would cut loose of my Bellicon... I too owned a Cellerciser...I loved it at first and had major issues with it breaking down ( springs) after 6 months after owning it and having to listen to David Hall (Cellerciser founder/ owner) spew his sale pitches about it was user error and not a quality issue with the unit... Also how they critique bungees as being inferior to springs( see you tube video)... BTY I have NEVER heard or seen where Bellicon has been critical of another competitors product... They( Bellicon) just focus on " how can we make our rebounder the Best" and strive for excellence... I seriously doubt that is there is a sane customer out there that feels like he/she was duped out of their hard earned money when they bought their Bellicon..and finally when you have the best product on the market you don't have to worry about what others are doing... Never ever apologize for quality... Bellicon is simply the best and once you have the best you can never settle for less...thanks guys!!!!

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