My new bellicon!

Jeanie 08.05.2015

I just received my new 49 inch bellicon and all I have to say is "I Love it". I am 52 years young and have been rebounding off and on using a cheap store brand rebounder for several years. It was hard for me to stick with the rebound exercising even though I loved the idea, felt like it was the best way to exercise and get the best results. I would just hurt to much in my knees and hips. I knew I needed a better rebounder, and so I did my homework for about a year now, watching videos, reading reviews etc. I finally decided on the bellicon because from the videos, I loved the quietness, I loved the bounce it had, I loved that you pick by your personal weight, color, size. I love that it comes in a size wide enough to do most any exercise you can think of. I love that it has fold in legs and can store easily under a bed or closet if needed. However, I keep mine out so I can just jump on it anytime I want. I am in love!!! I totally recommend the bellicon Rebounder!!!

Tags: hip, knee, bounce
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