Love my bellicon rebounder

Jnine 14.08.2012

I purchased this product as I have issues of the heart and circulation problems. The dvd is great, and when I feel I can't keep up, I take things at my own pace. I am able to do jumping jacks again, which for some reason I can't seem to accomplish on "normal" ground. So fun and gets your arms, your entire body moving. Great for cardio! Clothes are fitting so much better too. I am 56 years old and so glad that I purchased this product. Have to admit I was afraid of "rebounding" off instead of being able to stay on it, but I placed my rebounder in front of my bed at first, not a lot of open space around me, and I felt secure until I got use to it. Also, with it being so quiet I can exercise day or night and not disturb anyone. Love my rebounder.

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