Love, love , love my Bellicon

Kathy 31.12.2015

I've had a cellerciser that I have faithfully jumped on for 13 months. I have had great results. But it was loud, small and jolting. I started looking at the bellicon website and chated several times with someone asking lots of questions. I knew I wanted one it was just the price. Coming up with the amount, but I knew it would be worth it. Finally for Black Friday special, my husband and daughters bought me the 49 bellicon for Christmas. They wouldn't let me have it until Christmas either and that was hard.

Oh my, I can't even begin to tell you the world of difference. Night and day. It is such a smooth and soft bounce, never jarring. It works you out so much harder even though you don't have to jump so hard. I never hardly sweated on my cellerciser, and I'm doing the same amount of time. I am wringing wet. I thought I'd keep the cellerciser for business trips I go on with my husband because it folds in half and has a case. We'll I have jumped 6 of 7 days that I've had it and told my husband I will never jump on any other rebounder again. It is not worth it. It's like driving a tractor over a rocky field to driving the most expensive smooth driving car you can imagine!!!! There is just no comparison. And the bellicon is so lightweight compared to the cellerciser, and stable, and doesn't move across the floor as you jump. I will travel with my 49' bellicon.

Tags: bounce, workout
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