Night and day

Linda 18.04.2013

I started rebounding on an Urban Rebounder, one of the low-end (but not bottom) spring rebounders. Inexpensive, so I got it on Amazon assuming it would be good enough. After bouncing on it for a week, I realized that I enjoyed the rebounding but was getting badly jarred by the stiff rebound. Could have lived with the squeakiness, but it really was hard on my joints, and my brain rattled in my head.

After researching mid-priced rebounders, I thought I might go that route--but then imagined having to buy a third rebounder down the road. I decided to spring for the top of the line. What everyone says about the Bellicon is true. Night and day. After two weeks now on my Bellicon, I go to my spring rebounder and can't believe I lasted a week on it.

There's so much you can do on the Bellicon, and the video that comes with it is great. You can do Pilates, core work, basic 'health' bouncing just to rev up lymphatic circulation, and once warmed up you can get a fantastic workout on it. I put on music, and combine workout routines from the DVD with my own freestyle dancing, and frankly, I have to make myself stay off the thing. I leave it down like a part of the room decor, and hop on it several times a day. I love that I can get a complete workout while barefoot, no special clothing, while having fun. The feeling of bouncing is special, and the bungees of this rebounder truly cushion your joints once you learn how to do everything properly on it (which does not take long).

An expensive piece of equipment, but if you are going to take up rebounding as your primary exercise, there is no question you should invest in a Bellicon. Completely silent, too.

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