Linda Auger

Linda Auger 11.08.2014

Dear folks at Bellicon, I bought my son one of your trampolines and it arrived on Monday. My son has been using a Cellerciser for the past 3 yrs and a ReboundAir before that.

My son Carmen is soon to be 18yrs 175lb athlete. He also has profound autism. He can be very difficult if he does not have an outlet that allows him to expend energy. He can not go out alone nor does he want to because of the severe nature of his disability he has significant sensory issues. So, this is his ONLY outlet.

The cellerciser he was using had the matt replaced and most of the springs. The force that he jumped typically resulted in 5-7 broken springs weekly, not to mention it was awful to jump on. The first time he jumped on the Bellicon we video taped it in slow motion. I wish you could see it!! PURE JOY!!! He loved it The bounce is so smooth, not at all jarring. AND it is so quiet!! If you are ever in the Boston area I invite you to come see him on it.

A special thank you to your staff who were so professional, patient with all my questions prior to ordering, and very knowledgeable in your product. (Romee and Lauren) I think I have finally found a quality product that will last. Thank you, Linda Auger

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