Most Amazing Exercise and Excellent Customer Service

Mini 15.07.2020
I have always been a fit person and enjoy working out but over the last couple of years I have developed sore and tender knees, painful hips and more recently planar fasciitis. All these ailments meant that I had to stop exercising until I came across the bellicon. After a phone call with Ian, where he answered all my questions and was extremely helpful, my mind was set…I had to buy a bellicon!
I built it up slowly and even with bad plantar fasciitis I was able to bounce. Three weeks later I can bounce for 45 minutes, my knees don’t hurt, the plantar fasciitis has gone, my legs are stronger and I feel fantastic! I mainly follow Fayth’s classes on the bellicon platform and she is simply the best virtual trainer. I followed her weight loss series and enjoyed it. I sometimes use small hand weights and was surprised to find the bellicon is stable enough to do tricep dips etc. You can do a stretch class on it, use resistance bands. I could go on and on! You even get to choose the colour which makes the purchase even more exciting! I am now finding that I have to book my session on my rebounder as my 19 and 20 year old daughters think it belongs to them! Brilliant for any age and lots of fun!
I absolutely love this form of exercise and believe the bellicon brand is the best rebounder on the market, I wish I had found it sooner. It’s safe, sturdy and gentle on the joints. Worth every penny. Thank you to Ian for your excellent customer service. I have recommended bellicon to lots of people. Highly recommended!
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