I began to develop stress incontinence when I sneeze...

Nancy 11.08.2014

I have had my Bellicon rebounder for a little over two weeks. I was anxious to get started as I had researched rebounding and all the great effects it had on overall health. I started out doing the health bounce for a few minutes a couple of times a day.

The day before and day I received the rebounder, my mid back was sore and stiff from sleep. After the first few minutes on the rebounder, I got off and noticed that my back wasn't achy anymore! I was amazed as I thought it would take a week or so for the soreness to work itself out.

About a month before I got the rebounder I began to develop stress incontinence when I sneeze.

Anyone with this problem knows that stress incontinence and jumping don't go together. I could do the health bounce without any issues. After about three days of light rebounding, I wasn't afraid to sneeze! I could feel that when I jump I had to work those muscles the whole time I'm bouncing. I'm sure I saw quicker results as I just started to develop the stress incontinence.

After about a week, I saw my posture was greatly improved. I used to have rounded curved-in shoulders and now they are completely straight across. I used to go to the chiropractor years ago to achieve the straight shoulders but they would eventually go back to being slumpy.

I have worked up to jumping on the rebounder for 10 minutes twice a day and along with a healthier diet, I lost 5 pounds!

The Bellicon rebounder is quiet, great quality and looks great! I am totally satisfied and tell everyone about rebounding and my Bellicon!

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